Invite to NYC Suicide Council Apr. 5th meeting

We invite you to our virtual general monthly Suicide Council meeting on April 5th at 11am focusing on “Post Covid: Understanding and Preparing for PTSD, and Community Engagement For and About Solutions” as hard realities of the long-term impacts of Covid and ways in which we have to change and adapt to new norms will affect people. As I have been saying, the worst of Covid is yet to come as the trauma experiences will haunt many people terrifyingly and if we don’t start that conversation and preparedness for it we will be hit with another shock and awe of number of people seriously affected with acute behaviors and symptoms. Join the dialog to learn more and understand better so we can all be part of the solution with knowledge and resources. Join here or via phone 929.229.2884,,197758336#. Please share with your networks to join the effort.

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