Alleged petition fraud on Marcos Sierra’s 11th city council petition

Does Marcos Sierra belong on the City Council 11th District Ballot With All the Alleged Fraud Found on his Petition

By Robert Press

When looking at the petition of Marcos Sierra for the 11th City Council District, items jumped out to me that I would have challenged and knocked the petition well below the lower required valid signatures needed to be placed on the ballot. 

If there is a correction which has to be made it must be initialed by the signature of the witness at the bottom of the page. On Page 4 the initials on line 2 are S P, but the signature of the witness is Tammy Hayes, 2175 Cedar Ave, not Sandra Pabon, 3040 Hull Ave. Sandra Pabon collected pages 2,20,21,26,27,37,and 38 where she signed as the witness. On page 26 line 6 there is a correction with S P next to the correction, as is the case on page 27 line 6 where the signature and address are X’ed out with the initials S P on the line. So who collected the signatures on page 4?

There are errors on other pages that Tammy Hayes collected signatures such as page 1 where her address is corrected to 2175 Cedar Avenue, but there are no initials. On page 9 and 11 there are corrections in the signer’s address that are not initialed. In fact on all of Tammy Hayes pages there are no initials on any correction except page 4 where S P are the initials, and on page 52 where one can see 21?? Paudling Avenue has a line through it where Cedar Ave, is below initialed by T H. That also happens on page 12 where the address for Tammy Hayes is corrected from 2121 to 2175, but Paudling Avenue is untouched, and there are no initials.

When we look further on the Marcos Sierra petition we find that Alexandria J. Rivera lists her address on pages 8, 13,41,and 47 as 2121 Paudling Ave, the same as the two pages where M. Hayes’s name is, but on pages  5,6,7,22,23,24,28,29,39,40,48,and 49 as 2121 Paulding Avenue, and there are no initials next to any corrections. On pages 5,13,22,23,28,29, 40, 41,47, 48, and 49 Ms. Rivera’s middle initial of J is included in her signature as the witness, however on pages 6,7,8, 24,and 39 there is no middle initial of J in her signature as the witness. On page 18, Ms. Rivera’s signature has the middle initial J, but her address is listed as 3046 Hull Ave, the very same address as Sandra Pabon on pages 2, 20, 21, 26,27,37, and 38 just 3046 Hull Ave. 

Lastly there is page 43 collected by Irina Polo-Guaman where lines 1 and 2 clearly show a 9 in the date under the corrected 8 to match lines 3 – 8 which are dated 3/8 as is the date in the witness statement dated 3/08. 

That would leave 95 signatures, not counting any of those that could be eliminated for having corrections that were not initialed, out of district, not registered as a voter, or not enrolled in the Democratic Party. One has to guess that the Bronx Democratic Party Leader State Senator Jamaal Bailey must be proud of District Leader Marcos Sierra, who seconded his nomination for Party Leader, but is this the way you teach your district leaders to collect signatures Chairman Bailey?

The Infamous page 4 of the Marcos Sierra petition.
Line 2 – SP initials next to correction.
Signature of witness Tammy Hayes. 
Something is wrong here.

Pages 1,12,19, and 52 signed by Tammy Hayes as the witness.
Page 1 – No initials on the correction.
Page 12 – 2121 changed to 2175, but Paudling Ave remains.
Page 19 – Address is just 2175 Cedar.
Page 52 – 21?? Paluding Ave has a line through it with Cedar Ave below, and initials of T H.
Page 12 – signed by Tammy Hayes, with the 2121 changed to 2175, and Paudling Ave.
Page 13 – Signed by Ms. Rivera with middle initial of J, but wrong spelling of the street as on Page 12 signed by Ms. Hayes.
Page 24 – with the correct street name spelling signed by Ms. Rivera, but no middle initial J in signature. 
Page 18 – Signed by M. Rivera with middle initial of J, but address is 3040 Hull Ave.
Page 37 Page has 3040 Hull Ave as address, but is signed by Sandra Pabon

A blow up of the first two dates that were changed from 3/9 to 3/8 as not to be out of sequence with the other dates on the page.
It appears that the Bronx District Attorney needs to investigate all these matters of alleged petition fraud on the Marcos Sierra 11th City Council petition.. 
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