Diocese of Rockville Centre Deceptively and Inadequately Identifies 101 Clergy accused of Sexual Abuse

I represent dozens of clergy sexual abuse victims who were abused over decades by priests of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and other priests or religious brothers working within the territorial limits of the Diocese.

I have filed three civil complaints (See Attached) on behalf of sexual abuse victims of Bishop John R. McGann.

Clergy sexual abuse victims wonder what secret criteria the Diocese of Rockville Centre has used as an excuse to not list priests such as Bishop McGann. For instance, history has taught us that a diocese may not list a sexually abusive priest because that priest has only been credibly accused once. To take such  deceptive action only endangers children and prevents victims from healing.

Clearly, the Diocese of Rockville Centre should have listed Bishop McGann as being accused of sexual abuse on multiple occasions if it really cared about safety, accountability, healing and transparency.

Mitchell Garabedian (Portrayed in “Spotlight” by Stanley Tucci)

Jack, Joanne Complaint – 10-22-2019 Jack, Alexander Complaint – 10-22-2019 Silvestre, Sheryn Complaint – 10-22-2019

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