Norwood food Giveaway

Bailey, Fernandez, Dinowitz Hold Food Giveaway Thursday in Front of Lexi Bar on East 204th Street

By Robert Press


The food giveaway was scheduled for Wednesday, but the pantry was not ready so it was postponed to the next day Thursday. Since the elected officials had other things planned for on Thursday their staff members filled in led by Assemblywoman Fernandez’s Chief of Staff Dylan Tragni. 

There were one-hundred bags loaded with produce and a variety of canned and packaged goods weighing about twenty-five pounds each with enough food for several days. Without any elected officials to talk to the people the food giveaway seemed to be done much faster this time. 



Chief of Staff to Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, Dylan Tragni filled in for his boss as he placed this heavy bag of food into the woman’s wagon for her. 

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