BMNS Remote Open House- Get on Board !

The Bronx Metro North Study (BMNS) Team invites you to the BMNS Remote Open House, a first-of-its-kind online portal specially designed to continue the conversation about New York City’s station-area planning to prepare the Bronx for new Metro North service in Parkchester/Van Nest and Morris Park.

The BMNS Remote Open House is a new tool in DCP’s toolkit for public engagement as we continue to expand our outreach and engagement online.

The Bronx Metro-North Station Area Study, launched in 2018, seeks to holistically plan for new Metro-North service in four communities in the East Bronx: Hunts Point, Morris Park, Parkchester/Van Nest, and Co-op City. This planning work will help ensure this new public transit service supports Bronx residents with local jobs, housing, amenities and more.
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways including how we are able to interact. The BMNS Remote Open House is one tool that will allow us to continue to listen and plan to be ready for new Metro-North service in the Bronx, as we respond to Covid-19. The BMNS Remote Open House builds on ideas and comments gathered earlier in the planning process at in-person sessions.
The BMNS Remote Open House offers a dynamic experience; it has something for everyone:

  • Friendly accessible videos (in both English and Spanish!)  
  • Engaging graphics that summarize the overall planning goals  
  • Detailed draft recommendations with ways to implement and progress to date 
  • Easy ways to “speak your mind” via accessible surveys, and  
  • A series of online live streaming sessions for personal input and interaction. Stay tuned for dates and times. 

We want to hear directly from the community and all stakeholders: what does a vibrant, connected and working community mean to you?  

The BMNS Remote Open House will be available for all of Spring 2021 (April-June), but visit the site soon!

The BMNS Remote Open House currently focuses on the Morris Park and Parkchester/Van Nest station areas but will be expanded to cover Hunts Point and Co-op City by the end of summer.
What happens after the BMNS Remote Open House? We will use your feedback and comments gathered from surveys, zoom sessions and more to refine recommendations and develop a final plan for the Bronx Metro North Station Area Study.

Visit the BMNS Remote Open House here:

We welcome you and we look forward to your continued engagement! 

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