Eric Dinowitz rally and get out the vote

Eric Dinowitz Campaign Rally in Ewing Park, Riverdale.

By Robert Press


As you can see in the photo, Saturday there was a get out the vote rally for Eric Dinowitz attended by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Congressman Ritchie Torres, City Council Speaker Cory Johnson, and the man who made it all possible, Eric’s father Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz has tried to stay on the sidelines during the special election to let now Councilman Eric Dinowitz be his own person, campaigning the way he feels most comfortable. In a six candidate race Eric got forty-eight percent of the vote after all the votes were counted, kicking in Rank Choice voting since no one received over fifty percent of the vote. After Rank Choice Voting was done Eric had fifty-nine percent of the vote to thirty-three percent for Mino Lora, with eight percent exhausted with no candidate to drop down to. 

Councilman Eric Dinowitz is expected to win ree;ection in the June 22nd Democratic Primary, which in the Bronx is the real election, as the November General Election is a mere formality of the June Democratic Primary. The only questions that remain are will Councilman Dinowitz get more than fifty percent of the vote in the Democratic Primary, or if he doesn’t how long will it take the Board of Elections to count the votes, and then drop them down as Rank Choice Voting requires.

Only a small part of the supporters that Councilman Eric Dinowitz has that came out on the day before Mother’ Day to help go out in Riverdale to remind voters to vote to reelect Eric Dinowitz their councilman.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said while I may be Eric’s father, Eric is his own person, and that the two don’t always agree on everything.

However it may have been Alex Dinowitz the son of Eric Dinowitz who may have stole the show as he tries to interview Congressman Ritchie Torres, as Speaker Johnson and his grandpa Dinowitz watch during Eric’s speech.
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