Kingsbridge Area visit to see Pandemic Results

Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia visits Kingsbridge with Bronx Borough President Candidate Nathalia Fernandez and new Councilman Eric Dinowitz

By Robert Press


Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia, Bronx Borough President candidate Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, and new Councilman Eric Dinowitz walk down Broadway in Kingsbridge at West 231st. Street, stopping in to talk to merchants to see how the pandemic has affected their business. 

This was not an endorsement of each other, but a tour of an area that has been hard hit by the pandemic as you will see in other photos. Stores have closed, some have been replaced by others or still remain closed. Not having been in the area myself the past year, and talking to some of the store owners it seems that the pandemic has hit this area of West 231st Street and Broadway very hard.

Mayoral candidate Garcia talks to her Campaign Manager as Councilman Dinowitz talks to Bronx Borough candidate Fernandez as they leave one of the stores that has been able to make it through the pandemic.


The trio stand in front of a store with a ‘We’re Open’ sign, but next door is a closed Loser’s Deli that once featured the best pastrami sandwich in the Bronx.
The trio ended up at the once famous Cold Cut-City that featured the best hero’s and other fine food which closed and was replaced by a store that recently put these unsightly gates on their windows in fear of rioting. 
Councilman Dinowitz, the next Bronx Borough President, and next Mayor have a big job to do for this area and the rest of New York City to recover from the Pandemic that almost crippled New York City and has changed the world as we know it.


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