Mounted Police officers on Williamsbridge Road at Pelham Parkway

Inefficiency at Police Headquarters and the Mayor’s Press Office

By Robert Press


It’s not every day, since the nearby stable was demolished to build an apartment building, that one can see mounted NYPD officers on Williamsbridge Road waiting for the traffic light at Pelham Parkway. The photo was taken on Thursday at 11 AM, and a simple call to the police department would answer a question of where did the mounted officers come from. It however is not that simple. A call to the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, which members of the media must call, was answered that they did not know anything about that.

It appears that the mounted police unit comes out of the Special Operations of the Police Department. Mounted Unit officers are normally assigned to patrol duties, but also play an important public relations role in police and community relations. The Mounted Unit is an effective crime deterrent and often is used for crowd control at demonstrations, protests, concerts, sporting events, and parades throughout the city.

A call Friday morning to the DCPI unit had the same answer: No answer. A call to the Mayor’s Press department led to a recording which was of no help. The press unit must have taken Friday off as the mayor has done. If the mayor took the day off we might as well also. 


A closeup of one of the mounted police officers, showing his patch New York Police Department City of New York. Where did these mounted officers come from, and how often will they be patrolling the streets of the East Bronx? 

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