BJC Shabbat Community Dinner

BRONX JEWISH CENTER  Hosts Community Dinner  


Please join us for our next community Shabbat dinner on Friday June 4th starting  at 7:00 pm  at  the Bronx Jewish Center located at 1969 Haight  Avenue ,Bx NY 10461. . The B J C will be welcoming back the entire Bronx  community .Re-connect with your friends and  neighbors and meet new ones !  All of your traditional  style  dishes will take center stage!  We look forward to seeing you!  Enjoy a delicious 4 course dinner with your fellow neighbors. Turn your Friday night Shabbat into an evening of spiritual awakening, inspiration, Jewish songs and culinary delight. Come  join us !! All are welcome .Social distancing will be strictly enforced . 
  Please RSVP@718-812-1701 to let us know you are coming .Shabbat dinners are held the first Friday of every month.    
When:    Friday  June 4th..
Where: 1969 Haight Avenue Bx, NY 10461
Cost:   Free of charge and all are welcome to join!
Contact: OR rabbi
Telephone:  #718-812-1701
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