Major Cabrera for Bronx Borough President Endorsement

NYC Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr. Endorses Fernando Cabrera in Bronx Borough President Race

By Robert Press

City Council Land Use Committee Chair Rafael Salamanca announced his endorsement of fellow Bronx City Council member and Tenants right advocate Councilman Fernando Cabrera for Bronx Borough President.
Fernando Cabrera is the clear choice for Bronx borough President, because he is a Bronx born leader with a record of delivering for Bronx families. He understands the problems Bronx families are now facing, and with his background as a City Councilman, a pastor, former schools counselor, and community advocate. Fernando Cabrera is the Borough President who will put us on the right path as we recover from COVID-19 and years of neglect from the government.


Councilman Cabrera praised Councilman Salamanca in his own fight for affordability and safety in the Bronx. He is a powerhouse, a fighter with a track record of victory for the South Bronx when it comes to my Number One priority Рaffordability. I am proud to receive his endorsement Fernando Cabrera said. He will be a partner with me for the Bronx making sure we get the boroughs fair share for our seniors, tenants, and working families so they are not chewed up and spit out by greedy developers and an economy of exclusion. Councilman Salamanca was a leading candidate for Bronx Borough President before deciding to run for his council seat again since he was not term-limited out of office.

South Bronx Councilman Rafael Salamanca explains why he is endorsing Councilman Fernando Cabrera for Bronx Borough President.

Bronx Borough President candidate Councilman Fernando Cabrera thanks Councilman Salamanca for his faith in endorsing his candidacy for Bronx Borough President.

In a symbolic raising of hands in victory the two councilmen hope they will be able to do this once all the votes are counted, if not sooner.

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