Ray McGuire district walk with City Council Candidate William Rivera

Mayoral CandidateRay McGuire Visits with 18th City Council District Candidate William Rivera

By Robert Press

What can you say to a candidate who has an empty movie theater front as his campaign headquarters? 18th City Council District candidate William Rivera and Mayoral candidate Ray McGuire are dwarfted by the marquee sign for candidate Rivera. William Rivera is the District manager of Bronx Community Board 8 in the Soundview/Parkchester area of the Bronx. He is also the former Chair of Community Board 9.
Before they went on a tour of the Parkchester area where 18th Council District candidate William Rivera’s office is located William howed off all the awards and citations he has received to Mayoral candidate Ray McGuire. 

After a short talk the pair went out for their walk of the area.


As the two candidates stopped along the way almost everyone knew city council candidate William Rivera, who has become the favorite in the 18th Council District race. The owner of the deli had a few questions for Mayoral candidate Ray McGuire as to the current mayor’s policies. William Rivera’s large campaign posters are in almost every store window. 

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