100 PERCENT Primary Day 2021

100 PERCENT Primary Day 2021 Bronx Borough President and City Council Races

By Robert Press 

Primary Day is Tuesday June 22nd, with Early Voting beginning Saturday June 12th running through Sunday June 20th. Information about Early Voting poll sites and hours can be found at https://vote.nyc/page/primary-election-june-22-2021

There are five candidates running for Bronx Borough President to replace term-limited Ruben Diaz Jr. The five candidates as they appear on the ballot are, Fernando Cabrera, Nathalia Fernandez, Luis Sepulveda, Sammy Ravelo, and Vanessa Gibson.

City Council races – I have skipped the 8th district where all the candidates in this mostly Manhattan District live in Manhattan.

11th CD – Abigail Martin, Eric Dinowitz, Jessica Haller, Daniel Padernacht, Marcos Sierra, Mino Lora, and Carlton Berkley. It should be noted that Ms. Haller has suspended her campaign according to the CFB. Mr. Dinowitz is the incumbent.

12th CD – Pamela A. Hamilton-Johnson, Shanequa Moore, and Kevin Riley. Mr. Riley is the incumbent.

13th CD – Monique S. Johnson, Irene Estrada, Marjorie Velazquez, Marilyn Soto, and John Perez. There is no incumbent.

14th CD – Haile Rivera, Yudelka Tapia, Adolfo Abreu, Pierina Ana Sanchez, Socrates S. Solano, and Fernando A. Aquino. There is no incumbent. 

15th CD – Bernadette Ferrara, Oswald Feliz, Troy Blackwell, John E. Sanchez, Kenny G. Agosto, Ischia J. Bravo, Lillithe Lozano, Latchmi Devi Gopal. Only Ischia Bravo, Bernadette Ferrara, John Sanchez, and incumbent Oswald Feliz have gotten Matching funds from the CFB.

16th CD – Althea V. Stevens, Yves T. Filius, Ahmadou T. Diallo, and Abdourahamane Diallo. There is no incumbent.

17th CD – Helen Hines, and incumbent Rafael Salamanca Jr.

18th CD – Amanda Farias, Darlene Jackson, Mirza M. Rashid, William Russell Moore, Mohammed Mujumder, Eliu A. Lara, Michael Beltzer, and William Rivera. There is no incumbent.

While there have been several interesting forums/debates for Bronx Borough President, there have been few for individual city council districts with none in the 13th City Council District. We have been told that candidate Marjorie Velazquez had cancelled and the debates were to be rescheduled, but have not yet. We caught up with candidate Marjorie Velazquez at a Memorial Day event, and asked her why she was not attending the debates in the 13th Council District. Marjorie Velazquez turned around and did not answer as she walked away. We will have more on this, and if candidate Marjorie Velazquez refuses to debate we have been told that the CFB will be asked to take back the matching funds given to her for not debating as is required by the CFB.

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