18th council Graffiti clean up

Graffiti clean up by City Council Candidate William Rivera in the 18th Council District

By Robert Press

Sunday was a graffiti clean up afternoon for City Council candidate William Rivera and his anti Graffiti crew as they stood in front of what was to be painted over. A couple of gallons of bright orange paint, rollers, brushes, and gloves were on hand for the volunteers to paint over the graffiti.
In less than one hour their job was done, so they went around the corner to cover some more graffiti until they would run out of paint. 18th City Council candidate William Rivera has quickly jumped into the lead in the 18th City Council District, and he said “I am going all out as if I was the underdog”. Early voting begins Saturday June 12th at selected poll sites around the Bronx and city. You can check your early voting site at the Board of Elections website at https://findmypollsite.vote.nyc/


The volunteers working hard at painting.

Candidate William Rivera out on the finishing touches.

The finished Product, a bright clean orange wall.
But the crew went around the corner on Virginia Street to paint over some more graffiti.
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