Former Borough President Adolfo Carrion endorses Fernando Cabrera

Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Endorses Fernando Cabrera, For Bronx Borough President Citing His Vision for Affordable Housing, Public Safety & Economic Recovery

On Friday June 5 Adolfo Carrión, former Bronx Borough President will announce his endorsement of Council Member Fernando Cabrera to be the next Bronx Borough President at the steps of Bronx Borough Hall at 10am.

In this major endorsement, Carrión, who preceded Cabrera as District 14 Council Member, cited Cabrera’s campaign that has focused on affordability, public safety and economic recovery from COVID-19.

“Fernando Cabrera is a uniter who has the compassion, the focus, and the tenacity and work ethic to make sure that the Bronx grows and prospers. Fernando has proven that he has what it takes to continue to build a Bronx that is more affordable to working families, is safer and offers everyone more economic opportunity,” Carrión said.

Cabrera, who worked with Carrión when he was a Community Board 7 board member, said Carrión’s advocacy for those on the margins was inspirational to him.
“I admired the skill with which then-Council Member and Bronx Borough President Carrión advocated for tenants, for seniors, for NYCHA residents and for the less fortunate,” Cabrera said. “I receive his endorsement with gratitude and an acknowledgment of the growing momentum and strength of our campaign for a Bronx that is more affordable, more safe and more economically secure.”

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