Primary Day Predictions – 100 PERCENTY

100 PERCENT – Primary Day 2021 Predictions

By Robert Press

 Saturday June 12th begins Early Voting for Primary Day 2021, which will run nine days and end on Sunday June 20th. Primary Day where more than eighty-five percent of the voting occurs is Tuesday June 22nd. This year Rank Choice Voting will be used in all but the race for Judges in the Bronx. Rank Choice voting allows the voter to rank up to five candidates in their order of preference, but you can still only rank just one candidate. As was in the special elections the candidate(s) at the top of the ballot in each race have an advantage over candidates lower in the listing.

This year there is a Republican Primary for Mayor between Curtis Swila and Fernando Mateo.

There are thirteen candidates running for mayor on the Democratic line, and the media has been ripping many of the top choices. One had two women now come forward about unwanted sexual advances, one has had residency doubts cast, another who calls for less police lives in a 2.7 million dollar home with private security, another has her campaign fall apart due to her campaign workers wanting to unionize, then there are the candidates who are long on talk. but short on the issues facing the city in the next four years. My prediction is that when all the dust settles we may have our first woman mayor, and a Latina at that in Kathryn Garcia.

The Public Advocate race has only three candidates, and it looks like the current Public Advocate Jumanne Williams should breeze to an easy victory.

The City Comptroller race to replace Scott Stringer has ten candidates on the ballot lead by soon to be former City Council speaker Corey Johnson, along with former AOC challenger and MSNBC Financial analyst Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Councilman Brad lander and seven others. Those three are the leading candidates, and we will see how Rank Choice Voting affects this race.

Bhe Bronx Borough President race has five candidates: two City Council members, one Assemblywoman, one state Senator, and one novice to politics. All signs are pointing to Councilman Fernando Cabrera as the next Bronx Borough President, but there are forces trying to have Assemblywoman Nathailia Fernandez put Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson as her #2 choice.

Bronx City Council Races.

11th – Incumbent Eric Dinowitz should breeze to an easy win much like in the special election. It will be a close race to see who comes in second between special election 2nd place finisher Mino Lora, and Abigail Martin who sat out the special election. 80th A.D. District leader Marcos Sierra is really mad that he did not get the endorsement of the Bronx Democratic Party, especially since he seconded the nomination of State Senator Jamaal Bailey for County Leader, mentioning what great friends they are, or were. Mino Lora has the endorsement of State Senators Alessandria Biaggi and Gustavo Rivera again, and it would be a blow to them if she was to come in third.

12th – Can Kevin Riley hold off his two challengers as the Bronx Democratic Party will be stretched thin this year with challenges to all their Bronx Democratic Party candidates.

13th – It appears to be Marjorie Velazquez’s to lose with AOC’s endorsement, but candidate Velazquez is apparently getting help from a building developers PAC, which is a No No for anyone with an AOC or her PAC;s endorsement.

14th – Too wide open to call, but it may come down to Yudelka Tapia and Perrina Sanchez, The AOC Pac has endorsed candidate Sanchez and candidate Abreu in this race.

15th – We would love to see Special Election winner  Oswald Feliz lose, but he is doing everything he can to lose by not showing up for community meetings. He has missed two Community Board 11 meetings, and apparently the same is true for CB 6. With Elisa Crespo out of the race, Ischia Bravo who came in second should be the winner especially since current Councilman Feliz has a much weaker lead in candidate in the number one spot to drop votes down to him.

16th – Althea Stevens the Bronx Democratic Party candidate or Male District Leader Yevs Filus which the Party chose not to endorse, going with Ms. Stevens instead,

17th  – Incumbent Rafael Salamanca should win in the first round, but former candidate Lattinad Brown is mounting a write-in campaign after being thrown off the ballot by the Bronx Democratic Party.

18th – It looked like easy sailing for repeat candidate Amanda Farias until Community Board 9 District Manager William Rivera entered the race. Now it looks like a slam dunk for what may be the former District manager. That’s even with the AOC PAC endorsing Farias and also repeat candidate Michael Beltzer who got the endorsement of his good friend Samelys Lopez who ran for Congress with the backing of AOC.

This political column is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the view of this newspaper. Any questions about this column should be sent to Mr. Robert Press.

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