The Mayor’s Race Goes On

Two Mayoral Candidates Make Campaign Stops the Bronx

By Robert Press

Tuesday afternoon Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley stopped by Montefiore Hospital to rally with the New York State Nurses Union to get a better program for the 200,000 non insured New Yorkers. 

Candidate Wiley wants all New Yorkers to have health care, and said the New York Cares Program set up by her former boss Mayor de Blasio does not go far enough leaving out many poor and undocumented immigrants. 
Candidate Wiley wants to defund the police department, and when I asked her what she thought of Mayor de Blasio calling in federal ATF police to go after the proliferation of guns, and the violence and shootings that have made crime soar in the city. Candidate Wiley’s answer was that there are more than enough police to keep the city safe.
Wednesday afternoon, Mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia was outside Virginia Playground in the Parkchester section of the Bronx to talk about child care and what a parent must do to obtain care for their children.
 Garcia spoke of a parent who was going to be with her to explain how hard it is to obtain child care due to restrictions on income by the city, but she had to watch a friend’s child while that mother went to work. Garcia wants to raise the cap from $40,000 to $70,000 so more parents can qualify for child care from the city. Garcia then spoke about her children growing up, and the problems that she often had with child care for her children.
Mayoral candidate Garcia would then talk of her experience as Sanitation Commissioner, temporarily being placed in charge of NYCHA, and her last role in Government as the Food Czar where she was called on to make sure no New Yorker went hungry. She added that she is the best qualified person in the race because of her diverse roles in government.
I asked candidate Garcia about the current mayor’s lack of having a plan when he came into office, and if she would keep some of the past mayor’s staff as Mayor de Blasio did. Her answer was that she would begin developing a plan and finding people that she wanted in her administration after she wins the June 22nd Democratic Primary.
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