Bronx Public Charter School Leaders Urge Residents to Vote Early



As Early Voting Begins in First Citywide Ranked Choice Contest, the Importance of Voting Early Has Never Been Greater


**School Leaders Available for Interviews**


(BRONX, NY) – With the start of early voting this weekend, New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs will be showing up at the polls to cast their ballots in this year’s city elections and today Bronx public charter school leaders are encouraging Bronx voters to make a voting plan, take advantage of early voting in this critical election, and make their voices heard.  


“There is no doubt that our children are on the ballot this year, education is on ballot this year, and as we look to recover stronger from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future for our city’s young people is at stake. A number of candidates support increasing high-quality schooling options, both traditional and charter, and given the urgency of the moment, it’s imperative that we elect one of those candidates into office,” said Janelle Bradshaw, CEO of Public Prep.


“This is about the future not just of our city, but of our kids. This year’s election may be one of the most consequential elections for our city for a generation and every family across our borough needs to make their voices heard,” said Miriam Raccah, Executive Director of Bronx Charter School for the Arts. “We are urging families to exercise their democratic rights and cast their ballots. At this critical time in city history, we must make our voices hear at the polls on behalf of the communities we live in and serve.” 


“The last year was unlike any other. We all know that our communities were hit especially hard by the COVID pandemic, impacting so many of our children as a result. Now, it’s time to recover, and by voting early and having a plan, we can deliver progress for our kids and our borough,” said Melissa Melkonian, Founder and Head of American Dream Charter School. “Nothing could be more important to the future of our borough – and to our children – than participating in this election.” 


Bronx charters serve more than 30,000 students – or 14 percent of children in the borough – many of whom have been hardest hit by the pandemic. To learn more, visit

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