Primary Day 2021 Update

100 PERCENT Primary Day 2021 Final Notes

By Robert Press

We told you what we thought who was going to win on primary day 2021, and we seem to be right on the money. It looks like a two way race for mayor between Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia, with a possible longshot in Maya Wiley. Rank Choice Voting was to make this a more friendly election\, but RCV seems to have done the opposite. There have been some nasty campaigns before, but that was only between two candidates since only two were running. In 2021 we have seen half a dozen mayoral candidates go after their opponents, and then have to defend their own viability in the mayoral race. 

When we get to Bronx Borough President one candidate has been favored more than any other, that being current Councilman Fernando Cabrera. We said he would be the winner over a month ago. We hear that the Bronx Democratic Party finally realized that the candidate many wanted to endorse can not win, and we are being told a deal may have been struck to have current Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson be the next Deputy Bronx Borough President. We think that is a very wise choice because the two council members have worked together in the city council (not agreeing on everything), but should make a fine team in Bronx Borough Hall.

City Council races. 

11th District – We have not changed from current Councilman Eric Dinowitz who should be the easy victor here. We are more interested in who will finish in second place, and if Mino Lora drops to third place with Abigail Martin in the race.

12 District – We still see a re-election of current Councilman Kevin Riley.

13th District – We still say it is Marjorie Velazquez’s to lose, and we can see the only man in the race John Perez coming in a close second if not being the victor. Here Rank Choice Voting may decide the winner.

14th District. Again we see no clear winner, and continue to say it is between Pierina Sanchez and Yudleka Tapia. Here again Rank Choice Voting may decide the winner. 

15th District – We are sticking to our call that current Councilman Oswald Feliz will be defeated by Ischia Bravo. We spoke to people who said they voted for Elisa Crespo thinking she was Ms. Bravo, and Ms. Crespo is not running now. The other main factor is the third place finisher John Sanchez is not at the top of the ballet where candidate Feliz gained double the dropdown vote from Feliz being second on the ballot. Candidate Sanchez is now in the number four spot on the ballot which should mean more of his votes will drop down to number six on the ballot Ischia Bravo. The number one spot is occupied by Bernadette Ferrara who was eliminated early in Rank Choice voting in the special election, and could decide the race if she is not the third place finisher. 

16th District. It is looking like the choice of the current term limited councilwoman Candidate Althea Stevens who also has the endorsement of the Bronx Democratic Party should beat Male District Leader Yves Filus who has made a gallant try to win going all around the district, and walking with mayoral candidates.

17th District – We see a victory for incumbent Councilman Rafael Salamanca.

18th District – We see a hands down victory for CB 9 District Manager William Rivera, who is taking the district by storm leaving the other candidates in his dust. We want to see if candidates Farias and Beltzer can match their 2017 numbers getting 15% and 14% respectively.

The last race is for Two West side Judge positions. We see candidate Jessica Flores winning one seat, and the other is who can get more votes than the others in the race, since Judgeships and District Attorney races are not Rank Choice Voting. We have heard from a couple of coordinators in the poll sites we visited that people were asking how to rank the judge candidates. We will be back with a post primary column after the primary to see how we are doing, and then another column once all the final numbers are in. 

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