Where are the Primary Day results


Primary Day Was June 23nd  So Who Won, and Where is the Integrity of the Election?

By Robert Press

Photo by Robert Press
Primary Day was June 23, 2021, so why is it on July 4th people still do not know who the winners are. All we have is that some candidates have been declared winners with over fifty percent of the vote, which will mean in those races, there will be no need for Rank Choice Voting. 
The above photo was common place in many poll sites where the Voter Scanning machines jammed due to the two page ballot filling up the holding box by not falling in place. Board of Election people were pushing ballots down to make more room, so more ballots can fit. What we don’t know is the integrity of the voting if the poll coordinators or others from the BOE can open Ballot Scanning machines while voting is going on.

Here is what we do know, The absentee ballots will be counted on or by July 6th, and the results should be made official on July 12th. What we found out was that the Board of Elections has ranked the Choice of the votes that were filled out by voters during early voting and on Primary Day.  However the BOE has said they made a mistake in releasing the first set of numbers by not taking out the “Sample Ballots’ that were used for training purposes, (about one hundred and thirty thousand).

Depending on which numbers you look at your next mayor will be either Eric Adams or as we say Kathryn Garcia. Many Absentee ballots from upper Manhattan that may have remained uncounted should be going to candidate Garcia, which should put her in the lead, thus becoming the next mayor of New York City. All but Garcia and Adams have conceded in the race.

As for the next Bronx Borough President it looks like Councilwoman Vanesa Gibson should be the fourteenth Bronx Borough President as Councilman Fernando Cabrera gave his concession speech. Gibson holds a slim enough lead to be able to hold off any surge by Cabrera in the absentee ballot count.

City Council races look like this.

11th District – Eric Dinowitz the winner, after the RCV run off.

12th District – Kevin Riley the winner, and there may not have to be an RCV run off.

13th District – Marjorie Velazquez the winner with no RCV run off.

14th District – Pierina Sanchez the winner, after the RCV run off.

15th District – Oswald Feliz the winner after the RCV run off.

16th District – Althea Stevens the winner, with maybe no RCV run off.

17th District – Rafael Salamanca the winner, no RCV run off since there were only two candidates.

18th District – Amanda Farias is leading, but this race is too close to call, as William Rivera is a very close second.

Civil Court of the 2nd Municipal Court District the two winners are Jessica Flores, and Verena Powell. This race did not use RCV.

Our congratulations to the winners, and hope that those who did not win will continue to help the districts, borough, and city recover from the pandemic.

Next is the November General election, but in the Bronx it is just a rubber stamp of the June Democratic Primary. We now look forward to the June 2022 Democratic Primary.

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