First Block Party of 2021

Thwaites Place Block Party

By Robert Press

Now that the COVID-19 Pandemic is winding down New York City is reopening, after one year of no events the Annual Thwaites Place Block Party took place Saturday. The last Block Party here was in 2019, and the local residents were happy to have it back. Ralph, Kenny, and Diane were among those who were running this year’s event.

Elected officials who came to say hello were Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, and new Councilman Oswald Feliz. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez may have been in Washington, but she had a table with two representatives, and plenty of information. 

Ralph and Kenny judged the pizza eating contest, there was local entertainment, a face painter for the children, and even a pony ride also for the children. All who attended were happy, with some saying that they couldn’t wait for the next block party.

While she couldn’t attend due to being in Washington, a life sized poster of Congresswoman Ocassio-Cortez stood next to the AOC table. 

Former Candidates for the 15th City Council seat Kenny Agosto and Councilman Oswald Feliz stand together for the community. Ischia Bravo, a third candidate in the 15th City Council race, was also among those who attended the block party.

Clown Zee blew up balloons for the children, and made animals out of them.

The pony for the rides had a rainbow mane and tail.
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