Loreto Park work stoppage

Why Has Renovation Work in Loreto Park Stopped

By Robert Press

That was the question Monday evening as people gathered outside the shuttered Loreto Park as renovation work ground to a halt. Loreto Park is a large square block of Parkland sitting on Morris Park, Tomlinson, Haight and Van Nest Avenues which is known as Loreto Playground X163 by the Parks Department. There are many different areas in the Playground/Park used for different purposes. The area under construction will be used for a Soccer/Softball field or Multi Purpose Play area that borders Morris Park Avenue.

Their are three different phases that happen called Design, Procurement, and then Construction. The Design phase began February 2018, and was completed in February 2019. The Procurement process then began ending in November of 2019 where two million dollars coming from the Mayor’s office, Borough President, and State was put together to fund this project. Then the construction phase start date was September 2020 with a projected completion date of September 2021.

According to a letter dated May 14, 2021 the construction was halted due to the ‘Excess Materials disposal plan’ needing to be revised by the contractor and approved by the Parks Department, which has been completed. Also a revision to the ‘electric point of entry’ needed to be coordinated with Con Edison, which has been completed. The letter also states that ‘Work will be resuming at the site in the near future, with the anticipated completion date remaining at September 2021.

What may have happened here is that the contractor moved on to a different project, and will come back to this project when they are finished. That is not uncommon with projects that are bid out by the city, and a contractor may bid on more than one project at the same time knowing there may be delays to move equipment from one site to another. However the community wants this park renovation to be completed so it can be used.

Community Board 11 Chair Al D’Angelo wants to know why the contractor all of a sudden stopped work on this park project in the middle of the work. He said that all the local elected officials were invited to come, but none showed up. 
Republican candidate for Mayor Curtis Sliwa speaks while he points to his head. He said ” this process is now in its fifth year from the community asking for this. Baghdad was blown up and rebuilt in less than one year”. He added that Loreto Park is named after police officer Alfred Loreto. 
Republican/Conservative candidate for City Council to replace Mark Gjonaj, Aleksander Mici spoke at the rally to finish the Loreto Park construction.
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