Monday Anti Gun Violence Rally at Bronx Courthouse

Stand Up Against Gun Violence Rally at Bronx Borough Hall

By Robert Press

Monday’s rally against Gun Violence at the Bronx Courthouse drew over one hundred people, including presumed Bronx Borough President, Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson, State Senator Luis Sepulveda, Councilman Oswald Feliz, the parents of Jaryan Eliot the thirteen year old shot down in Belmont, and many anti gun violence groups from around the Bronx.

The event opened with a prayer, and a very passionate mother of another thirteen year old boy who spoke of her worries that her son may get shot and killed by what she said was uncontrolled gun violence in the Bronx. Ms. Mona Davids touched on that the uptick in this gun violence, grew after certain state legislation to empty the jails under the No Cash Bail Law, and new Discovery Laws that gives suspects peoples names and address. She said that people are now afraid to testify because of that. She wanted better protection by revising the new state laws, and federal gun control laws. The parents of Jaryan Eliot were overcome with grief, and not able to speak.

Councilwoman. and presumed next Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, echoed the words of Ms. Davids. Councilwoman Gibson said that this gun violence must come to an end. No young man must be gunned down by another on the streets of the Bronx. More programs are needed to help teach the youth not to be violent, and she finished by saying that five million dollars was set aside for the Saturday Night program by the city in twenty-five Bronx sites, and by thanking the African community for coming together to show what the future needs to be. 

State Senator Luis Sepulveda spoke next, defending the new state laws, saying that less than one percent of gun violence is by those released under the new laws, but it is the parole system that is returning criminals to streets that are doing this gun violence. He added that it is a federal problem when guns can come from other states, and it is the gun manufacturers who are at fault. Councilman Oswald Feliz also spoke about not letting this gun violence continue, and that something must be done to end it.

Syracuse police officer Brandon Hanes spoke of how he would play basketball with inner city kids, buying them popular sneakers as a prize if they won a game with him out of his own money as a program to help, but that the Syracuse police department was against what he was doing. He now has a lawyer because the police department was against him now. Others who spoke were directors of nonprofits who have programs for children, people who lost friends or even family members to gun violence, calling for something to be done. 

Ms. Mona Davids, a parent of a thirteen year old boy, speaks about her worries of what may happen to her son with the current out of hand gun violence in the Bronx.
Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson, the presumed next Bronx Borough President calls for an end to the out of control gun violence in the Bronx.
State Senator Luis Sepulveda, the only state legislator at the event, says that it is not the new state laws No Cash Bail and Discovery that are to blame for the rise in gun violence, but the parole system that is putting the violent people back on the streets.
Syracuse police officer Brandon Hanes tells of the harassment he has received from the Syracuse police department for trying to engage in a one on one basketball effort of his own with children, to fight gun violence. His lawyer stands to his right.
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