Book Bag and School Supply Giveaway at 49th Pct.

ICNA Relief, 49th Precinct, Essen Health Care, and Empire, Book Bag and School Supply Giveaway

By Robert Press

Sunday the Islamic Circle of North America Book bag and school supply giveaway in front of the 49th Precinct was to run from one to three PM. There were enough book bags, and packets of school supplies to go with them, for one-hundred and fifty children that were almost gone by Two O’clock when the rain began cutting the bookbag and school supply giveaway short. There was also a special treat, large bags of paprika flavored chips also given out. Detective Jay Sturdivant, 49th Precinct Community Affairs officer, represented the 49th precinct.

ICNA Relief set up outside the front of the 49th Precinct house for its Book Bag and School Supply Giveaway 

Empire set up the School Supply part of the giveaway, While Essen Health provided the Book Bags.

There was also a table with bags of chips to take home, provided by ICNA Relief.

The ICNA Relief team with Detective Sturdivant and former Judge candidate Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor (far right).     

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