Gjonaj Book Bag Giveaway at Loreto Park

Councilman Gjonaj Book Bag Giveaway and More at Loreto Park

By Robert Press

Councilman Mark Gjonaj said that he is going to finish out his term which ends on January 1, 2022. “I will continue to do my job of serving the people of the 13th Council District until my last day as your councilman, that being December 32, 2021” Gjonaj told people at Monday’s ‘Book Bag and More’ giveaway. 

Councilman Gjonaj gave out over one hundred book bags, but he also gave out dinosaur face masks to the children, the famous Gjonaj whistle key chain that attaches to ones arm, information, hand sanitizer, and of course school supplies inside the book bags. 

The event was held in front of the fence of Loreto Park where construction has stalled on redoing the softball field for the community, which will not meet its scheduled September completion date. 

What Councilman Gjonaj will do comes January 1, 2022, is to be seen, as he would not give any hints. He said that he will work hard every day, and then see comes January first where he can be effective in the community he lives in.

First stop was to get some hand sanitizer to make sure one’s hands were germ free.

Councilman Gjonaj giving out some dinosaur face masks to children.

People wanted their photo with councilman Gjonaj, and you can see a Gjonaj whistle on the left arm of the girl standing in front of Councilman Gjonaj.


49 Precinct Youth Coordinator Officers Hernandez and Fernandez who helped on the book bag giveaway, join Councilman Gjonaj in this photo.


Members of the Morris Park Community Association also helped Officers Hernandez and Fernandez, and Councilman Mark Gjonaj in the Book Bag Giveaway event. 

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