Al’s Article

 Al D’Angelo
Need a part time job for your son or daughter? The Mayor is proposing a stipend of $1000 a month for teens who are involved in lethal firearms offenses. The idea is championed by public advocate Jumaane Williams. Who said crime doesn’t pay? You can’t make this up. The Mayor disbanded the NYPD’s Anti-crime unit, the result led to a sharp rise in shootings and murders, now he wants to reward those committing these crimes. Does anyone know the truth about the Covid Virus? Do the vaccines work, do all masks work, do vaccines lose their potency, should children be in school, are children immune? These questions and many more are answered differently depending on which experts are asked and we remain in the dark. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. We just suffered the most embarrassing point in our history with the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. I am far from a military genius but when you withdraw from a war zone doesn’t it make sense to withdraw your people while the military can still protect them, then destroy all weapons and ordinances that can fall into enemy hands when all is secure our military can depart with pride and dignity. We left behind billions of dollars’ worth of equipment: 29 black hawk attack helicopters, aircrafts, Humvees, tanks and tons of arms and ammunition not to mention American citizens and those Afghans that helped us against the Taliban. How can our allies trust us? To those men and women who served and suffered the physical and psychological tortures of war, we are deeply in debt to you for your service. Yup the twilight zone: Crime is up across our nation, prices on consumer goods are up, our boarders are a disgrace, our foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired, we are now asking OPEC for oil, Face book and Twitter allow the Taliban to have a voice but not a former president, gas prices have doubled over the last 8 months, the news media picks and chooses what stories are important and then put on their own political twist. Blacks are pitted against whites and poor against rich. When do we wake up and stop worrying about political parties, which have polarized our country, and start voting for candidates who will fight for the values you believe in.? Are you for or against vouchers, are you for or against abortion, are you for or against illegal immigration, are you for or against the oil pipeline, are you for or against voter IDs, are you for or against the defunding of the police, are you for or against bail reform? These are some questions you should ask yourself before you vote. Do your homework your way of life depends on it. Make a check list and choose the candidate that is most aligned with your ideals. Because they may look like you or talk like you it doesn’t mean they stand for your values. Many politicians are like unscrupulous car salesman trying to sell you something you don’t want; do your homework. All this said, you’ll never make a difference if you are not a registered voter. Just because your registered for one political party does not mean you have to vote for that party in the general election. You get to choose which candidates represents your ideals.
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