Al’s Article

                                                                               Al D’Angelo
The hypocrisy is overwhelming and only the voters can make it right. The mayor places new mandates on New Yorkers to prevent Covid escalation, yet no one talks about tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our boarders without being vaccinated. 25% 0f illegals test positive for Covid. Many infected migrants are put on busses and sent to Texas towns then the President makes a statement that Texas is showing an increase in Covid infections. He has singled out Florida and Texas as having an uptick in covid cases. It couldn’t be political could it? Politicians are telling people they must wear mask when in large gatherings then do the exact opposite when they think the cameras are off.  Why were public schools all on virtual learning while many private and charter schools had their schools open? Teachers were among the first vaccinated yet refused to go back to class and because they are a powerful union that donate heavily to politicians, they were given a pass and our children suffered. Unions should not be allowed to donate to political parties those donations buy influence for favorable treatment. Trump said, before he ran for President he donated to both parties as do many wealthy businessmen so they can influence decisions that would help their business ventures. Lobbyists are paid huge sums of money to influence lawmakers on behalf of their clients. Who lobbies for us? Governor Cuomo stepped down as Governor but as a parting shot to the New York he “loves” commuted the prison sentence of a convicted cop killer.
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