Councilman Gjonaj Book Bag Giveaway

Councilman Mark Gjonaj Book Bag Giveaway at Waring Avenue Houses

By Robert Press

There were hundreds of book bags loaded with school supplies, face masks, and a former professional world wide basketball player named Willie Ladson to greet the children Thursday Afternoon at the Waring Avenue Houses. Willie Ladson played in Spain and thirteen different countries overseas, and now is the CEO and Director of Coast 2 Coast Events. 

Councilman Gjonaj was a little late as he was Downtown at City Hall doing his job as the current Councilman from the 13th City Council District. Being the Chair of the Small Business Committee, Councilman Gjonaj was introducing a bill to help food establishments, by proposing a bill to cap what a food establishment can be charged by food delivery companies. He made it to the book bag giveaway in time to ay hello to many of the parents, and take photos with them, their children, and Mr. Willie Ladson.

80th A.D. Female District Leader Irene Estrada helped give out the book bags before Councilman Gjonaj arrived.

A group photo with Mr. Ladson, DL Estrada, members of Councilman Gjonaj’s staff, and children who picked out their own backpacks from the large supply. 

Councilman Gjonaj arrived from Downtown City Hall, and was with DL Estrada, Mr. Ladson, Desmond, and his son.

Here Councilman Gjonaj is with Mr. Ladson, DL Estrada, and two young girls with their new backpacks filled with school supplies.

Councilman Gjonaj, Mr. Ladson, DL Estrada, are with three young girls ready for school, with their new backpacks.
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