Al’s Article

                                                                          By Al D’Angelo
America’s shame is there for all to see, created by the policy makers. The President and his advisors have allowed a terrorist group to not only take over a country but by leaving sophisticated biometric data allows them to track down the men and woman who helped America. We left behind fingerprints as well as iris scans used to identify our friends which can now be used by the Taliban. To make matters worse we left behind 29 black hawk helicopters (21 million dollars each), 7 attack air craft with hellfire missiles and ant tank missiles, PC-12 reconnaissance airplanes that have the latest technology (5 million dollars each), Night vision goggles, Humvees, Trucks, Artillery guns, Tons of munitions and assault weapons. It is estimated we have left behind more than 50 billion dollars’ worth of equipment. Guess who paid for that equipment? We have left trapped American civilians and American allies at the hands of the Taliban. Some one needs to be held accountable. I wonder how many family members of our elected officials were left behind. Who advised the President and why can’t we get a straight answer at press conferences? Why can’t the President answer more than a few questions which were submitted ahead of time? Why didn’t we get our people out before the soldiers? Why didn’t we destroy sensitive equipment?  Why didn’t we transfer prisoners to Gitmo instead of leaving thousands of prisoners who fought us behind to be freed by the Taliban? Many of these prisoners were responsible for the murder and maiming of American soldiers. Speaking of the American soldier, this country owes them a debt of gratitude. From Valley Forge to Afghanistan, they served their nation with pride, many buried with their coffins draped with the flag they gave their life to defend. Heroes who came home from the jungles of Vietnam only to be spit on and called baby killers-while others ran to Canada-they heeded their countries call. For those who ran I hope you sleep well knowing someone else had to take your place. The solider doesn’t make policy – they follow orders, politicians make policy. To the family of those soldiers who lost their lives this past week, they did their duty. The shame of the nation belongs at the feet of the policy makers, not the loyal soldiers that put themselves in harms way so our way of life can be preserved. Remember this, the next time you refuse to stand for the National Anthem or refuse to respect the flag these gallant warriors died to defend.
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