Allerton International Merchants Meeting 

Allerton International Merchants Meeting 

By Robert Press

Tuesday night was the Allerton International Merchants Meeting, which was held in an outdoor area on Radcliff Avenue. The guest speaker was Bronx Department of Transportation Commissioner Nivardo Lopez. Commissioner Lopez was there to speak on two topics. The first was the Escooter Pilot Program, and the second was about new regulations for the Outdoor Dining on the sidewalk and in the street. 

Commissioner Lopez went over the rules for the Ecooter program, and fielded questions from the audience, much the same as from other community meetings he attended. He handed out a card with all three Escooter contacts. Bird 866-205-2442, Lime 888-546-3345, VEO 855-836-2256, He suggested if there were any problems to get in touch with the companies. One of the officers in attendance from the 49th Precinct suggested a large tag with the individual Escooter number on it in a visible area so the Escooter could be identified if the rider was riding improperly. 

On the subject of Outdoor Dining Commissioner Lopez said that new rules were being gone through by a task force for next year. Some of the rules would be that any outside dining could only be in front of the establishment, and no further as some have done legally with the owners permission. He added that there would be no permanent street structures, because it would only be allowed from May to October. That brought a cheer from some in the audience. 

The NCO officer spoke on some of the quality of life issues that were brought up, saying that the 49th Precinct was doing the best job they could at going after the illegal dirt bikes and loud music being heard at all hours of the night.

Bronx DOT Commissioner Nivardo Lopez waits for his time to speak.

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