Morris Park Community Association meeting

 Wednesday was the Morris Park Community Association meeting. State Senator Gustavo was in attendance, and while most members of the MPCA are not in agreement with most of Senator Rivera’s Progressive policies, the good Senator took questions about them. He was asked if the ‘No Cash Bail Law was responsible for the added crime in the Bronx and New York City. Senator Rivera replied that crime is up nationwide, and that should show people it is not just a local Bronx or New York City issue. He went on to talk about people being kept at Riker’s, because they could not raise any bail. He went on to talk about one such person who committed suicide after being finally released from Riker’s. 

Senator Rivera went on to say that his Chief of staff would be leaving him after many years of devoted service to the community. He then said that even though he may not represent all of Morris Park, that his office was always open to help anybody. 

After Senator Rivera came the NCO’s of the 49th Precinct. They mentioned that cars are being stolen when drivers leave them running to go into a store for something quick. As short as they may think they are inside, when they come out their car is gone. Also the NCO’s spoke about Honda, Acura, and Lexus cars being stolen in the precinct, and in the Bronx. The NCO’s took a few questions about quality of life issues, saying that the loud noise issue, there was a van confiscated with an oversized speaker on top of it. As for the Dirt bike problem, the NCO’s said they can not chase the dirt bikes, for matters of safety to the rider, and innocent people who may get hurt in any chase. 

The meeting ended with discussion of the Bronx Columbus Day Parade, which is being presented by the Morris Park Community Association. The parade begins at noon on Morris Park Avenue at Wallace Avenue, traveling across Morris Park Avenue where it will turn up Williamsbridge Road to Lydig Avenue. The reviewing stand will be opposite Assemblywoman Fernandez’s office on Williamsbridge Avenue as it was in the last parade, but Assemblywoman Fernandez will be out of town, according to the President of the MPCA.

Senator Rivera holds twenty dollars, a bet he won from MPCA President Al D’Angelo about former Governor Andrew Cuomo running for another term in office. Senator Rivera gave the twenty dollars as a donation to the MPCA.

49th Precinct Sector A, NCO officers Patrick Nicewicz, and Stephen Brancatelli, next to MPCA Treasurer Elio Rodriguez, MPCA Vice-President Yahay Obied, and MPCA President Al D’Angelo.

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