Americans are the National security risks

I have been thinking lately about what the number one threat to our national security is. I care about this issue because national security is tied to my personal security. There are so many clear and present threats to choose from. When I run down the list in my own mind it is almost mind boggling which is why I don’t like thinking about it. I don’t like fearing the future I am built to always be hopeful, but I see things that shouldn’t be ignored. The world is a mess, everyone can see it and feel it. It is like we are on a train that none of us get off of, this is because it is simply moving too fast. And clearly it is picking up speed. What I do know about trains is if they move to fast, they can either jump the rails, or they simply run out of track. I don’t need to share what the outcome would be should that happen; we all know it’s not good.

Most of the problems I see in life either in my life, the life of my family, friends, Community, State or Nation seems to be self-inflected. As a nation we depend on our three branches of government to guide and protect the national interests of all of us. Clearly our government has been dysfunctional for at least half of my life. Its dysfunctional nature is on the raise, and one could argue that the number one threat to our national security is found within those who have made the decisions to increase the speed of the train and the train wreck that we appear to be heading for. One thing is for sure, you rarely see anyone in government put the brake on anything. And that is the problem. When we should slow down for the curve in the track, we pick up speed. 

The reason we are the superpower of the world, is because we built an economic engine that allowed us to invent, create and expand products and services around the globe at an unprecedented rate. If that is our strength, then what weakens it is a threat to our national security. I would argue that the great threat to our national security is debt. The problem with our debt is those that create it, namely the political elite speak of it in terms of political math. Political math is designed to spin the truth but reveal little. So here is how to look at debt. There is national debt created by the Fed, there is State debt created by the State, and there is debt created by institutions to run pension funds. Beyond the straight up debt there are unfunded liabilities within these three entities. At the Federal level we now have $30 trillion in debt with another $300 trillion in unfunded liabilities of future debt that is promised to be paid like social security and pension funds. If you add is all up, the debt and all the unfunded liabilities every single American is about $1,000,000 in debt. 

If you have a family of four kids, then you are in debt $6,000,000. You don’t know it because it’s just a giant Ponzi scheme run by the government. The government has a very nasty habit, they either want to cut taxes, or increase taxes… they never, and I mean never think to reduce costs, they never talk about cutting waste, or eliminating duplication. The utter waste and corruption of the government is mind boggling and while it is all there for anyone with eyes to see very few people are willing to see it.  Now please understand this. We have a $20 trillion GPD, meaning that is the size of our economy. We have the largest GDP in the world, and that is a good thing. However, from that $20 trillion the Government takes $4.5 trillion in taxes, for which they owe $300 Trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. But that debt is really not the debt of the government, that debt is owned primarily by the American people. Right now, the government pays about $300 billion in interests per year, and if interest rates go up, then our interest rates on the current debt will be the number one, line item within the government budget of over $1 trillion a year. To give you a perspective that is about the size of the whole Russian economy. What is worse congress has been taking funds from the social security fund that they had no right to take other than right or power they gave to themselves to do so. 

But it gets worse, because 60% of the economic power of the world is based on the US dollar, so countries like China buy up our debt? They own about $1.4 trillion of our debt, along with other nations who at the end of the day are not our friends because they are not capitalist, they are communist or socialist. And trust me when I tell you they want us to be like them while their people want to be like us. They want what they call economic justice another form of social justice. To do all this they and the other nations of the world have set up global governmental structures like the economic forums, the G7, WHO, the United Nations, and the European Union to create global policies and global structures. 

You and I have no idea what is really happening with our wealth, the Paris accord sounds good until you understand how much America pays and how little others pay. It’s trillions and its trillions we don’t have. The same thing was true with NATO, and anyone who gets in the way of the transfer of American wealth to the nations of the world is an enemy of the global elites. 

Here is a truth, those who control the debt control the world. Here is another truth, we don’t know really who it is that controls the world debt, but they do. We know the Fed controls part of the world debt but Fed, itself is hidden from our view. It’s not audited, it’s not part of the government per say but fund it, control the interest rates and supply of money through the treasury. Those who control the debt are the masters and those who are in debt are the slaves. It has been that way since the dawn of human history. 

Today we have the illusion of democracy. The illusion of wealth. But both in a blink of an eye can be removed by the holders of debt because the levers of power they have over our lives is so immense that we had to deny what we are seeing and feeling that we are inside the matrix of illusions. But these illusions are about to burst because what the global elites have done is unstainable and requires a reset button. Only those who control the debt of the world know what that word reset means. It’s like the game of chairs where the last one standing is holding the bag. Which is why globalist thinking had to come into play because no one country can sustain the debt load of the world. 

In that world there can be no America first thinking if your debt holders are global in nature. America first is a threat to any globalist. American corporations that are global don’t think in terms of America they think global. Google thinks global as well as all the digital media elites. The NFL or the NBA think global which is why they are so careful about their relationship with China. Hollywood is dominated by China, and if you don’t think so look at the beginning credits and see all the money China has invested in Hollywood which is the biggest messaging systems in the world today. Money is not the root of all evil, but debt is. At the center of all this is our own congress who have made the Americans slaves to debt. While they can act like they hate slavery they have nevertheless made us all slaves to the debt found in a worldwide Ponzi scheme. Behind everything you see is a money trail that leads to those who are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder. The new green deal is all about money, it is not about air, water, or the climate change, it is about those few who can seriously profit from the fear that was created. Science, medicine, or healthcare is about money, it is not about our health or safety, those are side issues to make money through the use of our fears. War, media propaganda is all about money and of course it is also fear based. Nothing you see is not about MONEY, it’s all about money. Who in their right mind would purposely drive us into the slavery of debt if they didn’t see a pay day for their vote? The only way this happens is when the reward is greater than the pain your vote will have in the hallways of congress. 

Don’t believe me? Explain how political elite after serving in office become hyper wealthy without a product or service. At the level of wealth they have, clearly, they sold their souls to the highest bidder. I don’t have to name them because it is all there for anyone to see that decides to look with eyes free of their own political ideologies. 

What is the greatest threat to our national security? Well, it turned out to be us. We allowed a political elite class to happen. We allowed them to divide us so they could enslave us. We are too quiet, too passive and we got onto the train that is now about to jump the rails.

I wondered how the Jews could be so easily duped into their own destruction during the reign of Hitler. I thought I would never get into those box cars and travel on that train. Here we are on the train, saying nothing, hoping for a safe journey and a happy ending. In the meantime, we are now being silenced, censored, and asked to simply conform to everything we know to be wrong. I wondered how a few German soldiers could control so many that had they wanted, could have overwhelmed them? Yet here we are 330,000,000 people controlled by 500 plus people in DC who have sold us all down the pike and justified their actions as if they saved us when they have condemned us. 

So, think, reason, and follow the money of everything and only then will you understand the truth of anything you see. Question everything, then when you see what is really wrong speak up, speak out and don’t be silenced. Our Freedom dies in our silence. I am grateful to the founding fathers who spoke out, and frankly we need to heed their warnings that are within our founding documents. They understood the nature of man to seek power, fame, money and justify their greed as the greater good for the masses. If you are quiet, if you just seat on the train and say nothing, then you are a threat to our national security and the security of your family. 

Just saying the obvious once again. 

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