Allerton Avenue Hip Hop Festival

Allerton Avenue Hip Hop Festival Honoring Legendary DJ Jazzy Jay

By Robert Press

The rain held off just long enough for the 1st Allerton Avenue Hip Hop Festival to end. There was rapping, song, and dancing on Allerton Avenue, and a mural unveiled to honor DJ Jazzy Jay, at the place where his career in Hip Hop took off at 759 Allerton Avenue. 

It was at 759 Allerton Avenue where DJ Jazzy Jay and Rocky Bucano joined to form Strong City Records in 1987. The pair produced early recordings by Diamond D., Fat Joe, Brand Nubian, Sheff Anselm (Tribe Called Quest), and others. 

A stage was set up on Allerton Avenue where performances ran for hours with Famous Hip Hop Artist after Hip Hop Artist paying tribute to DJ Jazzy Jay. Proclamations from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Councilman Mark Gjonaj were given to DJ Jazzy Jay. The event was put together by Ms. Grace Lovag, Irene Estrada, Al Pizzaro, and others. 

DJ Jazzy Jay holds the proclamation from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, thanking the BP for the honor. 

A group photo of Hip Hop Artists, and the people who helped put this event together.

Al Pizzaro, Steve Cas painter of the mural of DJ Jazzy Jay behind the group, Grace Lovag, Irene Estrada, and some Hip Hop friends of DJ Jazzy Jay standing right under his thumb in the mural.

The mural of DJ Jazzy Jay from artist Steve Cas.

759 the place where it all started upstairs, and the mural tribute to DJ Jazzy Jay right next door.

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