49th Precinct Council meeting

49th Precinct Council Meets at Eastchester Gardens

By Robert Press

Tuesday night the 49th Precinct held an in person meeting at the Eastchester Gardens Houses. Once again rain may have kept away some residents, but those who attended the Precinct Council meeting voiced their concerns. 

Councilman Mark Gjonaj spoke, and said that he is one of three council members who has part of the 49th Precinct area. Council members Oswald Feliz and Kevin Riley also cover The 49th Precinct area. He said his office is open to all even residents of Eastchester Gardens which is not in his district. New NCO Sergeant Hines spoke briefly and listened to the community concerns. 

Since the meeting was being held in Eastchester Gardens many of those in the audience were from there, and they aired their problems. The main concern was safety in the Eastchester Houses, and the lack of police patrols. It was said that in the past there were as many as eight officers patrolling the houses which made the residents feel safe. Now there are just two officers who work only five days and only for eight hours, and there is only one Youth Coordinator officer. The residents do not fell safe, and said there are gangs in the buildings, they also wanted to know who their elected officials are, and where they are. A representative of Councilman Riley was in attendance, and went up front to speak. He also met with some members of the audience after the meeting. 

Councilman Mark Gjonaj addresses the audience, (L-R) are 49th Precinct Council Corresponding Secretary Phyliss Nastasio, Secretary Grace Lovag,  Community Affairs officer Sturdivant, NCO Sergeant Hines, President Joe Thompson, and Treasurer Eli Morales. 

The representative of Councilman Riley answers some of the questions brought up by the residents of Eastchester Gardens. 

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