Election Day 2021

100 PERCENT – Election Day 2021 – The Winners and Losers

By Robert Press

Election Day 2021 came and is in the closing stages now, as the absentee ballots have to be counted. In this lower than usual turnout the results should stay the same with the majority of the absentee ballots going the way of the Democrats. The bigger question is will the three ballot proposals #1, #3, and #4 which were defeated on election day hold their lead after the absentee ballots are counted, as Proposal #4 had to do with absentee balloting.

In an eight to one Democratic city that would mean that Democratic candidates should receive at least eighty percent of the vote in the General Election. That held true for all but one Bronx City Council race. The 13th City Council District, with the 82nd Assembly District being the last strength of the Bronx Republican Party. The early results show a poorer showing than four years ago, but the absentee ballots should go for the Democratic candidate, and increase her margin of victory. 

In the race for Citywide offices only City Comptroller elect Brad Lander broke the seventy percent level. From day one Mayor elect Eric Adams will have to win over those who voted for one of his many opponents or did not vote. Mayor Adams will have to be a mayor for all the people as he said, and not like previous Mayor Bill de Blasio, or it will be a long hard four years, as it has been under Mayor de Blasio after he won re-election. Could this less than average showing by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams show that he is not ready to run for Governor of New York State?

As we congratulate the new Bronx elected officials, we were at Bronx Borough President Elect Vanessa Gibson’s victory party. Just like we saw at the Adams victory speech later, we were wondering where the Bronx Democratic Party officials were. Had they all gone down to SOMOS in Puerto Rico like we were told that Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez had done, to party, or were they sending Bronx Borough President Elect Gibson a message. At least Assemblyman Jose Rivera was there with his video camera to document that. 

Bronx Borough President Elect Vanessa Gibson looked around the room to see who was there. 


Bronx Borough President Elect Vanessa Gibson, 16th City Councilwoman Elect Althea Stevens, and 13th City Councilwoman Elect Marjorie Velazquez toast their victories, with Assemblyman Jose Rivera video taping the toast.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark was on hand to celebrate Borough President Elect Gibson, and the many city council members on hand, victories.

Former Councilman and advisor to the current Bronx Borough President was in the House.

Assemblyman Jose Rivera always has a shoulder to put a head on.

A view of the standing room only crowd at the victory celebration of Bronx Borough President Elect Vanessa Gibson. The action is at the back of the room where it was like being on a rush hour subway pre pandemic.

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