November PPNA Meeting

Pelham Parkway  Neighborhood Association Meeting – A Farewell to Councilman Mark Gjonaj

By Robert Press

It was a happy, but sad Tuesday evening for the November Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association, it’s President Edith Blitzer, and Councilman Mark Gjonaj. It was the final meeting in his ten year political career. Six as an Assemblyman and four as a City Council member. 

PPNA  President Edith Blitzer said ‘we will miss you Mark’, and Councilman Gjonaj said ‘It was on this very spot Barnes and Lydig Avenues) where my political career began, and this is the last PPNA meeting I will be attending as your councilman. Also at the meeting was Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez who took over from Gjonaj in the State Assembly from the 80th A.D.

State Senator Biaggi was also invited to the meeting, but her office said the senator was still recovering from a bout with the COVIC virus she had gotten. It was the Mark Gjonaj show when it came to taking questions from the audience, as it has been, with Councilman Gjonaj trying to give all the answers including a question on the state’s passage of new laws concerning the possession and sale of Marijuana. Before Assemblywoman Fernandez could answer, Councilman Gjonaj was on to the next question. She had to return to the question to give her answer. Mark Gjonaj said that he will still be Councilman Gjonaj until the end of the second day of January, and that he will still be very active in the community.

PPNA President Edith Blitzer thanking Councilman Mark Gjonaj for his ten years of service to the Pelham Parkway community, where he was always a friend of. L – R are PPNA Treasurer Elio Morales, Secretary Louis Lutnik, President Edith Blitzer, Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, Councilman Mark Gjonaj, and PPNA Vice-President Steve Glosser.

Councilman Mark Gjonaj said that he was still in office until the end of January 2, 2022, and that he was going nowhere, thanking Ms. Blitzer and her late husband for their support in his first race for the 80th Assembly.

As usual Mark Gjonaj wanted to answer all questions.

Assemblywoman Fernandez had a hard time getting a word in on some of the questions that related to the state assembly. 

The last matter of business was to raffle off turkey vouchers to the extra large crowd in attendance. 

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