Al’s Article

By Al D’Angelo
Have we lost our collective minds? We are considering giving $450,000 to illegal immigrants, who were separated from their children when they crossed the border. There are over 37 million people living below the poverty level ($26,000 for a family of four) in America. Who cares about them? We have senior citizens living on fixed incomes, 5 million of them living in poverty. We have veterans struggling to make ends meet and there are over a half a million Americans who are homeless; yet we seem to care more about people who break our laws and come here illegally. Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion dollars a year, that’s after subtracting what is paid in taxes by illegals. How do we justify this to our inner-city communities which are struggling with poverty, education, and health issues? I Liken this to parents who feeds their neighbors while their own children starve. The demonstrators who entered the capitol should be punished but so should the members of ANTIA who caused 2.3 million dollars’ worth of damage to federal buildings in Portland and assaulted federal officers. Why isn’t there equally treatment under the law and why did the media downplay Portland and play up what happened at the capital? Why was an unarmed protester killed and no outcry from the press or BLM who posted online that the protester deserved to be shot. Funny when the shoe is on the other foot the rules change. Wrong is wrong and justice should be color blind as well as politically neutral. We must say no to the forces that attempt to divide us using race rhetoric. Not one day goes by when someone in the media or in politics doesn’t uses race to try to enhance their political agenda. It only puts walls between us; the walls Martin Luther King gave his life to tear down. Why hasn’t his name been mentioned, or his philosophy embraced?  Will we be tearing down his statues soon because he was not radical enough for the present-day narrative? We are losing our way and only we can make a change, but we can’t do that sitting home complaining. Register to vote, call an elected official, and leave a message about your concerns. Radicals vote and elected officials will cater to them if it keeps them in office. Less than 25% of eligible voters voted in our last election. Unless we realize the importance of our vote we are doomed to the will of the radical fringe. We must come back to the mainstream of American society and whichever candidate serves that purpose should get our vote regardless of political party. Veterans put their lives on hold to defend this country, the least we can do is see it’s not given away at the polling booth.
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