49th Precinct Council November Meeting 

49th Precinct Council November Meeting 

By Robert Press
Tuesday night was the meeting of the 40th Precinct Community Council, where Deputy Inspector Andrew Natiw announced that after three years at the helm, the 49th precinct would be getting a new commanding officer at the beginning of the new year. He could not say where he would be going or if he would be retiring. 
The meeting was held in person at Maestros Caterers on Bronxdale Avenue, and about thirty people were in attendance. In his Commanding Officer report, Deputy Inspector Natiw said that crime was up slightly, as it was citywide, but not as great as the citywide numbers. He said citywide numbers are going back to those last seen in the 1990’s. 
Crime Prevention Officer Medero repeated what he has at previous meetings, and that was to lock your car and take the keys with you. Do not leave your car running, as your car can be gone quicker than you can come back out of the store. The Cop of the Month was Police Officer Eric Acosta, and the Civilian of the month was Ms. Joanne Panzarella. Neighborhood reports were last, where those areas reporting said there were more quality of life issues with panhandling, or homeless people. 

Deputy Inspector Natiw announces that after three years at the helm of the 49th Precinct, there will be a new commanding officer next year.

Gene De Francis of the Allerton International Merchants Association speaks of the rise in crime to shopkeepers, on the avenue. Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association Vice-President Steve Glosser, seated, was next with a question of what can be done about the homeless people who hang out on the parkway and White Plains Road.

Mr. Yahay Obied announced that the Alliance of Yemenis businesses are opening their new office Saturday December 4th 3 PM at 1639 Bronxdale Avenue.

Councilwoman Elect Marjorie Velazquez addressed the council and audience.

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