Al’s Article

 By Al D’Angelo
The United States is a house divided. We have allowed media and political pundits to shape our thinking. Why is it we never hear the name Martin Luther King anymore? Was he not radical enough? Was he not divisive enough? President Biden ran as the great uniter, yet his rush to judgment in racially charged cases has done the complete opposite. Officials must lead by example; you can’t say a man is innocent until proven guilty and then use the political stage and social media to do the exact opposite. The Jesse Smollett case is a perfect example. The President of the United States and Vice president of the United States took to the airwaves along with the Hollywood elites and many in the news media praising Jesse, Smollett. Many went so far as to tie Trump supporters to the attack. This is one of many instances where a political party and a complicit media rush to judgment which further divides our country. Racism is abhorrent to most of the people in this nation and using it for political gain is criminal. The Kyle Rittenhouse case is another example of political and media bias, the young man was excoriated by political leaders and the media for weeks before the facts were known. Once the verdict came in there was very little coverage. Their rush to judgment is going to make this young man very wealthy when he sues for defamation of character as did Nicholas Sandman. The double standard in this country – mostly by the news media – is tearing our country apart. Report the news without bias. If you have a political point to make, make it in the editorial section of your paper. It is not the job of the media or educators to shape our opinion, their job is to present the facts so we can make our own informed decisions. The latest move to enhance a political agenda in New York City is the city council’s attempt to allow non-citizens to vote. Many immigrants, who migrated to the United States and became part of the American fabric by becoming citizens, view the right to vote as precious and a privilege. Allowing noncitizens to vote diminishes the pride that new citizens have worked so hard to achieve. Any council member who votes for this bill should be removed from office because they are approving this bill strictly for political gain which will further divide our nation. You have a problem with the bail reform laws, we voted for the people who passed those laws. You have a problem with noncitizens voting we voted for those members of the City Council who wish to pass that law. You don’t like what our elected officials are doing the only way to remove them is to vote. Party shouldn’t matter you should vote for the person who is most closely aligned with your thinking. Sitting home complaining will never change a thing only your vote can make a difference.
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