Bronx DA: Bronx Prosecutor to Receive Thomas E. Dewey Medal


Chief of Staff Odalys Alonso To Be Honored By New York City Bar Association


Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark today announced that Assistant District Attorney Odalys Alonso is a recipient of the Thomas E. Dewey Medal from the New York City Bar Association.


          District Attorney Clark said, “Odalys, the Chief of Staff of the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, has spent her career serving the people of the Bronx. She began as an ADA during the height of the crack epidemic and has been integral to the evolution of a prosecutorial office. With her vast experience and dedication, Odalys has been a valued mentor to hundreds of ADAs. She rightfully deserves this prestigious award.”


         ADA Alonso joined the Bronx District Attorney’s Office in 1986, serving in the Narcotics Bureau. She then served as a Supervisor in Criminal Court and Grand Jury, and as Chief of the Arraignment and Complaint Room Bureau. In 1999, she joined the Executive Staff as Administrative Assistant District Attorney, then Executive Assistant District Attorney, and in 2007 was named Chief Assistant District Attorney. When District Attorney Clark took office in 2016, ADA Alonso served as Executive District Attorney and helped restructure the Office, implementing new programs and special court initiatives. She was named Chief of Staff in 2020.


        The Dewey award is given annually to an outstanding prosecutor in each of the city’s five District Attorney’s Offices and in the Office of the City’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor. It is named for Thomas E. Dewey, the gang-busting prosecutor who was elected District Attorney of New York County in 1937 and later became governor of New York.


        ADA Alonso will be honored during a ceremony this evening at the New York City Bar Association.

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