Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance Meeting and Christmas Party

Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance Meeting and Christmas Party

By Robert Press

It was a very brief meeting Monday evening of the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance with one main Item on the agenda. That was the December 20th Community Board 11 Public Hearing on making Rhinelander Avenue into a one way street from a two way street. 

The full board will then vote at its December 23rd meeting to ask the NYCDOT for a traffic study in making Rhinelander Avenue a one way street. VNNA President Bernadette Ferrara who is a member of Community Board 11 explained that the DOT may decide that changing the street is unwarranted, or that the street should be a one way street, but it may not be in the choice of the community board or those who asked for the street change. 

Why the VNNA had taken no position on the matter with Rhinelander Avenue running through part of Van Nest was answered by parliamentarian Robert Nolan. In the vote months before there were only three yes votes, two no votes, and nine abstentions. Not having a majority of the votes the resolution did not pass at the time. President Ferrara wants to see how the community board will vote before bringing the matter up again. The meeting was then adjourned to the Christmas Party. 

L – R, VNNA Executive Board Trustee Shradhanand Pirtam, Treasurer John Messenger, President Bernadette Ferrara, Senior Advisor Robert Nolan, Sergeant of Arms John Fernandez, and Secretary Marion Manfredi. Missing is Vice President Sharlene Jackson-Mendez.

The large audience for the meeting and Christmas Party.

L – R, Front row. Ms. Grace Lovag, VNNA President Bernadette Ferrara, 80th A.D. Female District Leader Irene Estrada, Mr. Sammy Ravelo, Mr. Dion Powell. Back row Mr. Carlos Sanchez, Community Board 9 District Manager William Rivera, and Mr. Al Quattlebaum candidate for 82nd A.D.

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