Bronx Connect receives $100,00,00 From AT&T For Its Afterschool Program

Bronx Connect receives $100,00,00 From AT&T For Its Afterschool Program

By Robert Press

After School programs are a thing of the past in many New York City public schools having been cut severely during the Mayor Bloomberg era in City Hall. Those afterschool programs were a bridge to what a student may not have understood in the classroom, or were programs that helped enrich students. 

Bronx Connect has teamed up with AT&T to bring some of these programs to students in an out of school classroom at Bronx Connect on East 148th Street. Bronx Connect has served youth whom society has identified as high risk of recidivism. With proper mentorship and wrap-around case management, Bronx Connects youth beat all odds.


Dr. Wendy Calderon-Payne the Executive Director of Bronx Connect goes over the program for the event with AT&T.


Terence Derrick is the teacher, or Digital Instructor for the student working on computers.


Omar McNeil is one of the students in the Bronx Connect program who talks about what is offered to the students.


Mural painting is one of the parts of the program.


Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo is in full support of the Bronx Connect program.


Mr. Timothy Tapia of AT&T speaks of why he supports the Bronx Connect student program.


Here Mr. Tapia of AT&T presents Bronx Connect with a check for one hundred thousand dollars to continue the afterschool program.


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