Al’s Article

 By Al D’Angelo
We recently lost two young men who gave their lives to protect the citizens of New York City. Two men who left loving families. Two men who will never experience the joy of watching their families grow. Two men who left a hole in the hearts of those that loved them that can never be filled. They were New York City policemen who swore to protect and serve and who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their service. May they rest in peace
Their blood is on our hands. All those who allow violent recidivist to walk our streets from the DA’S that plead down cases from felonies to misdemeanors, to the judges who release these criminals with a slap on the wrist, to the elected officials who instituted bail reform and fought to defund the police and finally to the people who voted for them or did not vote at all. The legislators in Albany have refused to revise their bail reform initiative therefore tying the hand of our judges, frustrating our police officers, and turning our streets into a war zone. Our DA’s who are more interested in statistics rather than safety, plead down cases so they can brag about their conviction rate, are complicit in the revolving justice system in our state. Judges who are afraid to break with the bail mandate and put repeat criminals back in society to prey on the public, do not have the public interest in mind. We the voting electorate must accept part of the blame for not doing our due diligence as American citizens. We have the power to make change, but it takes a little work. Google your elected officials and find out how they voted, if you agree support them, if you disagree let them know and vote to remove them. Forget political parties, they are more interested in keeping power than helping the people they were hired to help. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric, look at their voting record, it is public knowledge, take the time to look you may be surprised. Elected officials wear 2 hats one is to serve the needs of the community the other is to serve the needs of their party. For example, they will hand out turkeys and masks then vote for bail reform, they will be available to lend a helping hand, then vote to defund the police. We as an electorate must decide what are we willing to live with. Every elected official must be visible in their communities and must spend what monies have been allocated to their district if they wish to be reelected. I am more concerned in what they do when they are in City Hall and in Albany. What they do there will affect our city and state. Do you know where your elected officials stand on bail reform, defunding the police, allowing non-citizens to vote, voter ID, school choice, and any other questions that may impact our lives? When you have the answers you need, vote for the person who meets all or most of your beliefs.
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