The Liberal Elite are not Listening

The Democratic Socialist elite are not listening to Americans, not seeing the cause and effect of their destructive policies that have wiped out millions of Americans.  They say everything is ok and normal, but most Americans don’t see anything that is normal today. Therefore Joe Biden is the most unpopular Presidents of all time. The question is why? And how did it all happen in one short year? Let me explain. 

  1. ENERGY: The Biden Anti-American energy policies have increased energy costs 50% to the everyday American. When you increase energy costs it impacts the cost of everything, because energy moves every product. By shifting America energy independence back over to the control of OPEC we once again are transferring trillions of US dollars to countries who are Anti-American. This is how we got into these crazy wars in the middle east. And now we are back again with the same horrible policies that cost us trillions and the loss of life including 9/11. The Biden policies have strengthened our enemies and weaken America and Americans. Now we just learned that home heating costs will be going up this winter 54%. This will broadside the poor and place them all at great risk. This one stupid policy set a series of failures in motion that are truly epic in nature.
  2. INFLATION: Elite Socialist policies now have Inflation running at a 7.5% rate the highest in 40 years. The cost of basic products beyond energy is now spiraling out of control. For the poor who are on the edge, things like Milk, Bread, Meat, are increasing at rates not seen in a generation. And the list of products and services who prices are now spiking goes on and on. Our inflation is the result of bad Biden policies put in place by those political elites, who frankly are clueless. Inflation in and of itself is a tax, and then there is the added sales tax on the difference in the inflated price. And for the millions of Americans on fixed incomes they simply will not have enough money to take them through the winter. It’s a cruel cycle and impacts everyone but impacts the poor the most. Don’t tell me how these elites care for the poor, they manufacture poverty through these insane policies. 
  3. PANDEMIC: The elite are following the politics of control through fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They pick and choose the science that supports their ability to control when it comes to the pandemic policies. Worthless mask policies mandates for masks that don’t work, vaccines that clearly not prevent covid and therefore don’t work. And a series of rules from Fauci that have proven to be 100% wrong and reversed within weeks of issuing them. The fear mongering by these global elitists has been used as a wedge to successfully drive Americans apart. This is very typical of Socialist who use this tactic everywhere. 
  4. CANCEL CULTURE: Worldwide socialist have created culture wars before they eventually implement real wars if the culture wars can’t do the job. These are past wars that killed over a 100 million innocent people in the past century alone. Central control systems fail every time and over time. And in a complex structure like America with 50 states its more deadly because the speed at which it would fail within a republic would be much faster. The tactic of socialism worldwide is to create conflict by shaming, name calling, and bullying. Which is interesting because socialist claim to protect the bullied, then turn around and bully tens of millions within the majority with a vengeance. A typical feature of socialism is these political elites decided the truth of all things as it strives to become the State religion of Truth. They censor to control not only speech but thought. Our right to free speech it their first line of attack, shut down that right and you can shut everything else behind it. 
  5. SUPPLY CHAIN: The elites have made America more and more dependent on foreign made products. Add to the miscues of their energy policies, that sparked inflation, and the pandemic we don’t have the trucks, drivers to move the products coming into the LA port. The covid polices slowed everything down at a time when everything needed to speed up. Independent truckers are caught in a world of mandates and rules that broke the very thing we mastered for the world, the supply chain. Ever notice how a feature of socialism is empty shelves? Now you know how they do it. And why they do it is to claim they will solve the problems but hide the fact that they created the problem by blaming others even while they are clearly in charge. How do you think that big cities continue to vote for the same people who created the problems? Well because they are the masters of the blame game. 
  6. RACE BAITING: The elites don’t want to solve the race issues, if they do, they can’t use it as wedge issue. The way for the corrupt elites to stay in power is through division. Think about this, if socialist didn’t have wedge issues when policies they have don’t work, they are exposed to being blamed for the failure. Manufactured wedge issues are the most viable way to shift the blame onto a group who has zero to do with their failed policies. Calling anyone a racist that is not a racist is racist. Turns out the biggest racist of all are the socialist who decry everything but have solutions for nothing. They get away with it by dominating the media and educational systems. They do it over decades and before you know the crazies are everywhere. And they say the most insane things. If you listen carefully, you can pick them out easily. When they speak of America, they reveal their hate of America and Americans. Daily these elites speak in false tones using patriotic slogans to mask their deep hatred for the American people. I listen to them speak daily about millions of Americans just like me, and when I get done listening to their insanity, I know they hate me. They don’t know me, they don’t understand me, but they for sure hate me and they hate you. 
  7. NATIONAL DEBT: The best way to blame capitalism for the flaws within socialism is to use socialist policies to run up the national debt and when the whole thing crashes blame in on capitalism. Who runs up $30 trillion in national debt? Not a capitalist. Socialism is built on the principle of use the other persons money until you run out of people and companies to pay it back on down. This is how socialism creates war, it creates war. How was Hitler created? Simple they had too much debt created by a deal made at the end of WW1 that improvised Germany, and Hitler took advantage of the crises and waged war killing 60 million people. 
  8. GLOBALISM: Globalism is socialism. It just is. It is an exclusive club of the elite who maintain power and control over billions by controlling them with debt. World debt is world slavery and world control. Globalism is a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. It’s too big for one country and too big for those not in power to influence. It’s also too big for the elite to sustain and at the end of it is something ugly… a world at war. The very idea that they want to control every detail of human life with a one size fits all is not human because it is not natural. Humans are highly flawed which is why you never give so much power to the few, when you do, they will screw it up every time. How do we know? Well, all recorded human history has proven that. 

America has never been more screwed up than it is now. We are in trouble and lots of it. We are in total denial of what we see and what we can’t see but now know is there. We have wasted time on nonsense, wasted time on fake news, fake divides, fake hate made real, bad policies, elite abuse and corruption, and a never-ending series of double standards. So, the question is what do we do? The answer is simple, peacefully shut down the systems the elites use to shut down Americans and the world. The Canadian Truckers used the Ghani model that he used in India to drive out the British. Just stop the flow of money to the elites who basically use laws to steal it by the trillions and then they call it debt which must pay back to them. It’s all there for us to see, it’s not hidden nor are the players. They believe they have already won. All the indicators are there that shows they are winning and winning big time. They win through they chaos they create and then get millions or in this case billions to believe they can fix it. They are so powerful they can in their minds control the weather, they can fix it and heal the planet, the very people with the most screwed up families one can imagine, you know people who can’t fix their home life but can fix yours… They need you to believe you are powerless which is how they gain power. But there is always a choice, they got us into this mess and at the end of the day it is up to us to get out of it. If you believe that someone like AOC is the solution or even has one workable solution, then you are being led by nothing more than a person who reads bumper stickers and quotes them. 

Just saying the obvious once again.

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