Andrew Giuliani  Guest Speaker at Wednesday Morris Park Community Association Meeting

Andrew Giuliani  Guest Speaker at Wednesday Morris Park Community Association Meeting

By Robert Press

Wednesday’s Morris Park Community Association meeting began as usual with the pledge of allegiance, and a moment of silence for those who have died in the line of fire.  There was a discussion on the current mailbox situation with glued opening. MPCA President Al D’Angelo said that a complaint must be made so the Postal Police are made aware of any problem with the mail or mailbox.

After the NCO officers spoke of the rising crime rates in the 49th Precinct, and how to protect yourself, MPCA Vice-President Yahay Obied asked the officers what store owners can do to protect themselves from attacks on their businesses. He then went on to say it takes over one year at times to open the doors to the public due to certain regulations, and wondered what could be done to shorten the time it takes. That answer would be answered by the guest speaker later. 

The guest speaker was Republican candidate for New York State Governor Andrew Giuliani, who opened with a summary of the current level of crime in New York. He gave a personal note about trying to break up an argument between a man and a woman where as he was hit in the face with a potted plant, a case that is ongoing in Manhattan. He then spoke of the policy of some of the District Attorneys towards crime, noting the Manhattan DA and the memo he sent to his staff on day one. He said he would work to repeal bail reform on day one, and mentioned that the current governor made no mention of it in her speech. He added that the governor should remove any DA who does not do their job, mentioning Manhattan DA Bragg as the example. 

Giuliani continued saying that he would stop crime underground on all underground transportation, which would force the mayor to take care of it above ground. He said he would raise the cap on charter schools, and look to get a voucher program in effect. He said that of the $216 billion dollar budget $30 Billion went to the UFT, and that he wanted to put students first. He wants to understand why Florida with one million more people than New York spends only has a budget of $97 billion dollars. He wants to use the office of governor as a Bully Pulpit to push through the state legislature those and other ideas that he has, like loosing up on some of the regulations that businesses must go through to open. He then took some questions in line with what he had spoken about.  

MPCA President D’Angelo said that people must vote to put in good elected officials, and that the MPCA would be inviting other candidates to speak. He also mentioned that the MPCA will be doing early voting in 2022 for the primary and general election. The early voting begins ten days before the primary and general election, and it looks like besides the usual Democratic Primary there should be a Republican Primary.   


The Sector A NCO officers give a report on crime in their sector of the 49th Precinct as a very interested Andrew Giuliani  looks on. 

MPCA Vice-President Yahay Obied asks candidate for governor Andrew Giuliani what can be done to help small business owners in cutting some of the red tape that can take over one year to open. 

Candidate for governor Andrew Giuliani praised the work of the NYPD, but said their hands are tied with some of the new regulations and laws that have recently been put in place.

Candidate Giuliani after speaking took questions from the audience, many of which were on topics of what candidate Giuliani was talking about.
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