Black Health and Black Wellness Event at Lincoln Hospital 

Black Health and Black Wellness Event at Lincoln Hospital 

By Robert Press

Friday was the Black Health and Black Wellness event at Lincoln Hospital which was attended by Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, and also by Mayor Eric Adams. There was an introduction by Lincoln Hospital CEO Christopher Roker on screen of how Lincoln Hospital now has a new Red Carpet approach to the patients who come to the hospital.    

Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson spoke saying in celebrating her ancestors, she has made history as the first Black Female Bronx Borough President. She went on to say that we must prepare the next generation of Black people to continue further. This is a reminder of what we have overcome, but as Mayor Eric Adams says ‘We have to get stuff done’.

Mayor Eric Adams then said, there were 109 mayors before him, but he is the first mayor to understand the needs of the Black people of New York City. When people tell you to go back to your own country, to tell them to go back to theirs. He then mentioned the problems that many ethnic cultures had when they came to America. He wants to lead to a better moment for the city, it is an American dream. 

After the mayor and Bronx BP left there was a panel discussion on building a better, healthier community in mind and body through Healthy Lifestyles. Eight people on the panel lead by Doctor Watkins, a mental health expert who spoke of the stress of the past two years of the Pandemic. Sheikh Musa Drammah is the creator of the Healthy Lifestyles program that is being introduced into the public school system, that will teach children to eat better, and live better. The goal is to become a better and healthier Bronx, and not the first in all bad things, while being last in all good things. Other panel members gave their own experience of a healthier lifestyle, be it a community vegetable garden, or more green space in the concrete buildings. 

Mayor Adams speaking at Lincoln Hospital. 


Before leaving Lincoln Hospital Mayor Adams had a healthy drink.

Both photos are courtesy of the mayor’s office.

The panel on Healthy Lifestyles. Sheikh Musa Drammah speaks here on the Healthy Lifestyles program. Famous people from Black Americana were shown on the screen in the background.

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