Al’s Article

    By Al D’Angelo
The politics of division in America has not only hurt our country but our allies. We put sanctions on Russia, yet we import about 20 million barrels of oil a month from the Soviet Union. We were energy independent; we could have exported oil to all the countries that rely on Russian oil and thereby strangling the Russian economy. Can someone please explain to me how cutting our production and buying from another country helps the cause of climate change? Is Russian oil not a fossil fuel? I think it would have been better if we used some of the money our energy independence saved us to find alternative means of energy. Our stubbornness to do away with anything Trump had instilled, has not only cost American’s money but now it is also costing Ukrainian lives. Why is it that according to Republicans, Democrats can’t do anything right and according to Democrats, Republicans can’t do anything right? Does that mean every time there is a change in party leadership, we must destroy everything done by the previous administration? Moderate Americans have allowed the radical elements in our country to set the agenda by our lack of involvement. Thank God the mothers of America have had enough and are finally speaking out against the radical elements who are hurting their children’s education and safety. They are challenging school boards organizing rallies and, in some cases, running for office. Maybe it’s time for the silent Americans to make their voicers heard and let elected officials know what we want; if they can’t deliver, we will find some who will.
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