War Torn Ukraine

This is a long one but its long because its complex. Lately I have been quiet about Putin. This is because of a myriad of stories that seem to want to justify Putin’s war against the claimed evils of Ukraine. So, I took great pains to read all of it regarding Saint Putin and the evil Zelensky a Jew. I read it all very slowly and carefully, then I researched all those who wrote these articles, as well as other articles they have written to see if I could understand their political and world views. In another words I read about the authors to fully understand their own biases. It was all interesting and deeply revealing. The reason I studied it was simple, what I was reading didn’t match to what I was seeing, so I sought to understand more. So let me give you a history lesson about Ukraine and Russia and the surrounding countries. This will be 1,200 years of history quickly to give you a small perspective in what you are seeing in the current history we are a witness to today.

From 830 AD until 1435 AD the wars between what is Russia and Ukraine today have total 45 and some lasted 100 years. That is a war every 13.4 years over 605 years.

From 1591 AD until 1769 AD the same warring parties continued, with an additional 15 wars. That is a war every 11.8 years over 178 years.

From that point Ukraine was constantly carved up by Russia and the Ottoman empires. These were endless wars that lasted two hundred years from 1721 AD – 1917 AD, the amount of life lost, and blood split is forever unknown, but what is known is it was horrific, because most of the lives lost were innocent citizens caught within the never-ending propaganda of the elite who can and did justify everything.

There was WW1 that ravaged the country, then from 1917 AD – 1923 AD there were 10 more wars. That is a new war every six months. Think of that, every six months. Again, most who lost their lives were those who were caught in the crossfire of the elites.

From 1922 AD – 1991 AD the USSR dominated Ukraine. The Ukrainian people during that time had six uprisings none of which resulted in anything other than death again to the innocent. Again, it was a series of wars that occurred on average, every 11.5 years.

In the middle of all that was WW2 which resulted in Ukraine caught between the Russians the Nazis and Poland all with different tasks masters. With 5 major battles fought between 1939 AD – 1950 AD these were wars directed by the Russians and wars that then generated hate for Ukrainians who were doing the bidding of their Russian task masters. Ukraine is frankly a place of a never-ending series of catch 22’s.

When the USSR broke up and became Russia in 1991 because Reagan had bankrupted the USSR, it had many breaks away countries including Ukraine. For the Ukrainian people this was their chance to finally be free. Other countries like the US, or bad players like Soros, came in and started to use the Ukrainian nation and its people for all sorts of bad practices. Most of which the Ukrainians knew zero about. Sort of like people in the US who have little idea of all the things the US does that if we knew we would be not only ashamed of but angry about. Frankly we have many countries that hate us and for good reason, we did wrong, and we did bad. Much of which the average American will never know anything about.

During this time Russia and the West tried to install governments that would be friendly to them. Each one was corrupt and corrupted by Russia and the West. In the middle of all that has been globalist like Soros who has another view altogether different from Russia and or the West. A shift happened in 2014 AD that we should all understand. This is when the Ukrainian people revolted against Russia and its puppet government were thrown out for the second time in an 8-period time. Russia had already started carving up the country again. Crimea was taken, meanwhile Eastern Ukraine who mostly speak Russia had nearly 70% of its population who lean towards Russia while Western Ukraine who speak Ukrainian have 80% of its population who lean towards the EU. If you want to understand, really understand what the Ukrainians want and who they really are then see the documentary from Netflix called, “Winter on Fire”. It’s about two hours long. Its horrific, because the film doesn’t really take sides but simply films the story live as it happens. Those filming had no idea what the story was going to be. That is obvious when you watch this documentary. If you want to see what real Patriotism looks like you will see this film. If you want to understand why Russia can invade but never conquer Ukraine, you will learn that in this film. Russia cannot win, and more importantly ought not too. The film will open your eyes to something you have always felt about our country, but you see alive in their country.

Now we have a war of propaganda in the US and on social media about the evils of Ukraine and how Putin is saving the world from the globalist. While it’s an interesting point of view, it has nothing to do with context and the complete view of a very complex situation. Propaganda is the art of taking a half-truth and making it the whole truth, you do this by purposely taking things out of context. Honest people, wonderful people, good people can then past it forward claiming they have information that proves a plot that doesn’t prove anything. The reason it became a problem for me is simple, what they were saying didn’t match what my eyes were seeing and hearing and the actions on the ground real time. Other than that, it was an interesting point of view of how Putin was saving us all from the globalist.

I am frustrated seeing posts about Putin that somehow justify his historical views when he is right now randomly killing innocent civilians. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, I felt some level of understanding of Putin’s issues and concerns. But once he let the bombs fly in Ukraine, for me, he became a war criminal on a large scale. So, let me declare he is not a St. Putin, he is a KGB communist who has murdered his opponents all over the world and within the borders of his own country. See the series Spy Craft on Net Flix’s if you want to understand how bad both the US and Russia really are for the everyday citizen of the world and understand who a traitor is and who is not. You will have to come to your own conclusions which may be very different than my own. But I encourage you to watch it.

Putin is now unhinged and a danger to the whole world right now because he is pulling on the trigger of WW3 or at least willing to use the threat of it to get others to stand down while he hides what he is doing from even those Russian soldiers called to the front. It is why Russia shut down Facebook because the chatter among free thinking Russians was a threat to him. It is ironic that Facebook who shuts others down for freedom of expression got shut down but a government who is shutting everything down that doesn’t align with the states view of current events. For God sakes Putin just used large weapon systems to take over a nuclear plant. How crazy insane do you have to be to risk another nuclear melt down? Very insane indeed. Now 1.5 million Ukrainians have fled into other countries on the Western front of Ukraine, how cruel do you have to do that? Very cruel. Honestly, I don’t want to hear about him saving the world from the globalist while he is blowing up the world to be a globalist. I am not that stupid and naïve because you must match what is on the ground to your opinions. You must.

Now in fairness to Putin, the US didn’t help the Ukrainians with their push to make Ukraine a NATO alliance nation. Putin said clearly this was an issue for Russia, meaning an issue for him. We ignored it and his threats for 30 years. And doesn’t it seem odd that the real corruption of Ukraine is about the time the US starts its alliance with Ukraine. All you must do is look at Hunter Biden to understand truly what bad actors we are in Ukraine with the millions Hunter and the Biden family got from Ukraine, as well as many other leaders in the US government with their so-called business deals. Then there is the $3.5 million Hunter took from the mayor’s wife of Moscow. What? You don’t think Putin didn’t have anything to do with that? Come now. By the way all this happened long before Zelensky showed up on the scene of his country’s politics. He like Trump and Reagan were famous because of TV shows.

Behind all this is China, who gave Hunter Biden control of a $1.5 billion-dollar Chinese investment fund, and China has its own agenda, and makes US and Russia propaganda look like a joke because they are the very best in the world at that game. China is using Russia to test us and during this conflict China increase support of Russia with bigger oil deals, better coal deals, favorable economic trade deals and insider banking deals of all kinds. China and Russia now have real war games they conduct together and share US secrets of all kinds back and forth with each other. China is Russia’s back escape door to all sanctions by the West and guess what? There is nothing we will do about it. China is playing good cop, while Russia is playing bad cop, and we play stupid cop. China’s spy operations are so vast that they dwarf the top ten nations in the world including the US. They know all our secrets and infinitely know more about them than you or I.

We know the US is a bad player, you can see the outcome of it all over the world. Let’s look at Ukraine as an example of our how meddling has bad outcomes. The US poured billions into Ukraine to get Ukraine to do things the US viewed as illegal here but no big deal there. Like Biolabs, and other systems of mass human destruction. Of course, St. Putin is by the view of some a saint because he is going to get rid of them. Except he has the same labs in Russia. The very things that some believe he is justified to rule over Ukraine are in fact the very same thing he himself is doing with Russia at this time. It’s nonsense of the highest order. As a result, we now have several inflection points of power in the world today.

The globalist who are everywhere and are as dangerous as they can be, people like Soros, they don’t act in the name of a country because frankly they believe in one world order and seek world domination. They are skilled because they work inside all forms of government and create world views that shift economies quickly, climate change is an example of how they work to control the world.

Then there is the Communist/Socialist/Marxist of the world, this would be China and Russia, whose doctrine is also world dominance. China is on its 100-year plan and so far, they are on track. Shortly they will be the dominate economic power of the world and thus the superpower of the world. We allowed them to steal it all because they know Americans are short term thinkers and are greedy.

Then there are the wild cards in the world the religious political war like zealots, like an Iran who have been working full time on one thing, get a nuke. A nuke they will 100% use in the name of religion. You can’t reason with a zealot that is why they are zealots; they can justify anything in the name of their God they also seek world domination.

Then there are the Capitalists in the world, that would be the West lead by the US that is found in Europe, Africa, India, and much of the Pacific rim and parts of South America. Capitalism is amazing but when corrupt is just as dangerous because it also seeks world domination. It has as many bad secrets as globalist, communists, and religious zealots.

Finally, there is the citizens of the world, you know the innocent people who get caught into these various systems like a free flying butterfly that gets caught inside the web of a deadly spider that will feed on it while its alive.

So back to Ukraine. Who is at fault with the invasion of Ukraine? Well, every one of those financial and political systems I just talked about is. They all played a hand in it, and they all have their hands equally dirty of the blood of others. Who is not at fault? The citizens of Ukraine are not at fault and justifying at any level what is going on in Ukraine today as some sort of noble thing by Putin is naïve and lacks historical context and reality.

Finally, because I am an American, I would like to show you how ashamed I am of American policy makers and all the needless suffering they have always caused. We made the Ukrainians believe they would be safe and protected while they applied to be a member of the EU and NATO. That was lie number one because we haven’t protected them at all. Then we told them to become a member of NATO they would have to get rid of their corruption. You know the very corruption that was imported into them as result of the US, the Globalist, the Russians, and the Religious Zealots. For the US part we gave them Billions of taxpayer money and then they had to funnel tens of millions back to various American political elites and the various companies the political elites were connected too. So here is the irony. We corrupted them with our policies then demanded that that stopped being corrupted. That wasn’t just a lie, it a trap that a war-torn country for the last 1,200 years tried to work with, around and through.

When we had the chance to help them defend themselves the only administration to give them the tools to defend themselves was Trump. And the only reason the Ukrainians lasted this long was because of those weapons. The prior administrations to Trump gave them blankets and funded biolabs and other projects yet to be understood and revealed. The Clinton Administration got Ukraine to give up its nukes when part of Russia and give them back to guess who? Yep Russia! The Obama administration prior to Trump allowed Russia to pick of parts of Ukraine with a wink and a nod like Crimea which clearly was a problem since Russia had lease arrangements with Ukraine for their naval fleet being there. But how can you be Russia and lease your Navy bases from a NATO country? Well, you can’t. Who can’t see that? Our diplomates and State Department I swear have given us more wars than they ever prevented. It’s a joke that has been going on since WW1. Each diplomatic action resulted in another more deadly war. The cause and affect are historical fact, and at the center of it all is a liberal viewpoint of appeasement bring peace at all costs. But all costs lead to all our wars. That is a fact not an opinion.

Biden who is completely compromised at every angle sits on his hands, why? Well because he has Russian money, Ukraine money and Chinese money via Hunter and not a little but tens of millions. None of us have any idea just how compromised he is but the money trail is there for all to see. Everything I need to know about Biden happened in the phone call last week to Zelensky. When Zelensky was offered a plane and US protection to get out of Ukraine. Please read what I say most carefully.

Every nation that has a fleeing President falls quickly. It is a historical fact. This is because the President represents the people even more so when they are voted into office. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Ukrainian people would have lost 80% of the will to fight for their freedoms. After 1,200 years of watching leader after leader flee, we knew when we made that offer the nation would have folded. But something happened. Zelensky said he didn’t need a seat on a plane he needed ammunition to fight. That screwed everything up! Biden thought Zelensky would for sure cut and run and the whole ordeal of Ukraine would be finished. But he didn’t run, he did something nobody saw before. I leader willing to fight to his death, not the death of others but his death.

Instead, regardless of what you think of Zelensky who I sincerely see has an imperfect hero but a hero none the less. This is because defied all the Capitalists, the Communist, the Globalist, and the Religious Zealots. Yes, the propaganda on him is mind numbing with his SNL type skits taken purposely out of context, with giant leaps of dot connecting that in fact don’t really connect and that more importantly do not match what he does and speaks. All puppets cut and run, that is the truest sign of a puppet. He didn’t cut or run. And yes, there are those who hate him who are political hacks within his country that are aligned with those that are outside of Ukraine. Of course, they make claims that are opinions not fact. So now the US was stuck, he didn’t cut and run, and the world is looking, so we pivoted and now are providing arms to be affective against tanks and aircraft. Russia has seen his end run before. When the US provided weapons to the Taliban to defeat Russia. But what we saw when China provided weapons to the North Vietnamese. Or how China gives cover to North Korea to protect hermit kingdom with nukes intended not for China but for the US. China could shut them down quickly but again they are the puppet masters of many nations and many more folding into the Chinese fold.

So, I took time here to give you a larger perspective, of the history of Ukraine. For sure it is an imperfect country but like all countries its people are innocent. I have given you some history, some facts, and many opinions. History can’t change but usually does by the victor, facts don’t change but can be hidden from millions, and opinions ought to be flexible to change with both history and facts. Dot connecting is really opinions looking for the truth… I am ever looking for the truth of everything in a world that lies about everything and everyone. In our personal lives we deal with this all the time, what people think they know about us and what we think we understand about ourselves and then the truth of it all.

As for me my conclusions should be obvious so let me state them in case you missed them. Putin is not a Saint and once he invaded Ukraine, he is for me a war criminal. He had a million options, and he alone chose the worst one of risking WW3. He also brought a whirlwind of sorrow to the Russian people who frankly as innocent as the Ukrainian people. The US lied and betrayed Ukraine as well as most of the EU. Biden is completely compromised for reason that should be obvious even to a village idiot. China is the most dangerous of the many puppet masters in the world. Soros causes more human pain and suffering in the shadows because he is a man who has no allegiance to any country and only to himself and his money. The only heroes in all this are the Polish people who are taking care of innocent citizens from a country that at one time was their sworn enemy, and of course the Ukraine people and an imperfect leader known as Zelensky. And he is fast becoming a hero to everyone who wants freedom and a voice to declare it because of him NATO has a backbone, because of him Finland and Sweden now have a backbone after Russia flew planes into their air space to intimidate them regarding NATO which had the opposite impact of what Putin had thought.

The innocent people of the world which is the vast majority of those on the planet are subjected to the will of the few elites who for lust of power and greed of gold while cause havoc for a world that has yet to cure itself of those who are willing to wage war for their temporary benefit.

Just saying the obvious once again!

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