Biden Energy Policies Set the World on Fire

Joe Biden with his fleckless energy policy has clearly set the whole world on fire. Those who can’t see it (usually the woke) are a huge part of the danger we now all find ourselves in. This is because the woke cannot and will not admit that their views and policies have either failed or are in the middle of failing. And these failures are obvious to hundreds of millions throughout the world. And then there are millions who are trapped within the views of their political ideology where they know it has failed but they are not going to say it out loud, because they don’t want to admit that they were wrong when they were so sure 15 months ago, they were right. Clearly, they were wrong and the results we see today are self-evident just how wrong they were.

The energy policy changes Biden made the first two days he was in office with his mandates have now proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be naïve, dangerous, and reckless because Biden has now endangered the whole planet towards the threat of a WW3. This wokeness ideology has gone massively wrong for everyone including the woke. In fact, my question now is, when has the woke elites been right about anything? Frankly, I can’t think of a single forecast, prediction or objective data point they gotten right. The woke elites have not only divided the United States with fake hate but now are dividing the world with more of it. 

What really vexes me is the refusal of Biden to simply admit that he made a mistake and then pivot from it. This is the sign of a good leader to take responsibility and then fix it quickly. Instead, Biden has doubled down on making the US dependent on foreign energy not only oil but green as well. This is because Biden bows down before the “green” God’s within his administration and around the world who have literally been wrong about every green claim they have made for the last 60 years. Biden is willing to allow needless global wars to plague humans in favor of these green elites who themselves personally violate every green proposal they make to run the lives of the rest of the world. The truth is these elite green God’s are not saving humans on the planet with their green thinking, they are instead wiping them out because of their socialist green thinking and hate American policies.

I have been disappointed with various policies of every President throughout my lifetime. In fact, every President have made decisions that I felt where flawed. That doesn’t mean they were wrong, and or that I was right. It means instead that I saw the same thing differently. I will also acknowledge that Presidents do have access to information I don’t have, so I can only look at my feelings at the time vs. the results of decision made over time. In that light have been wrong at times but for the most part I was right in what I believe are just common-sense views. Some decisions made by various Presidents were small mistakes and of no real impact, while other mistake were massive failures on a grand scale. In the cases of massive failures, history has more than documented the failure of those policies in detail.

What I see right now with Biden is a never-ending set of very bad decisions that seem to pile onto each other in a never-ending array of mind boggling and epic failures. These combined level of these failures now pales in comparison in my opinion to the combined mistakes of every President since George Washington up to Biden himself. Even more shocking is Biden was able to pile all these massive failures in less than a year. Yet Biden acts like he has everything under control when the overwhelming evidence is that he has single handedly spun both the United States and the world out of control.

Sadly, Biden and his woke team seem unwilling to connect the dots regarding the level of human suffering at home and death abroad regarding their failed decisions. When Biden is asked a questions about these obvious failures from reporters Biden gets this wacko grin on his face that lets you know he thinks the question is stupid and lacks a clear understanding of his brilliance. Honestly, it is bizarre, and his entire team is just as bizarre with their word salad proclamations that say nothing but do cast blame to others who are not in charge and who are not making decisions. But even the liberal press in the US and the foreign press is catching on and finally starting to hold failure to an account without getting the typical woke pass. The liberal elites of the world speak in an endless array of bumper sticker slogans that use all the right words but say nothing. Truly nothing.

There is no clarity, no direction, no plan to get out of the mess they created other than stay the course of a train that has already jumped the track. They are so bad at making good decisions you start to wonder what else they can break. When asked by reporters questions to hold them to account, their answers always dodge the questions, with answers like, that is under review, or we haven’t seen those reports, or that it is regrettable outcome, or we have no idea when that fix will occur, and finally their back up to everything is that it was the prior administrations fault that the woke came up with a so-called solution that broke what was actually working.

Now clearly, I am a nobody. Truly a nobody. I have no special access to classified information, I have no seceret connections and I live in the middle of nowhere Idaho. I am no one of any consequence in a town of less than 2,000. As big of a nobody as I am, I can clearly connect dots of failed policies and the ramifications of bad polices. I don’t have a greater portion of common sense than the everyday average person. I think my IQ is average. At least that is my honest perception of myself. I say this because I don’t want to come off as know it all. But… I know when something is working and when something is broken. It doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to see the cause and the effect of bad decisions, bad policies, and bad mandates. And the results of all we see right now prove that I am right.

When something is clearly broken, and I don’t pretend that it is working. I don’t do that because it sounds stupid, looks stupid, and is stupid. Furthermore, I don’t want to be stupid, so I call stupid out when I see it. Then I tell other people, see that over there? Well, that is not working, but they act like it is working, isn’t that stupid? Or is something wrong with my thinking? Am I missing something? Of course, most people to both the right and left of me agree and say, yep that is stupid. Now normally stupid doesn’t bother me, because stupid people basically are shooting themselves in the foot all the time and it doesn’t impact me or my friends, it only impacts them. I can feel bad for them but grateful that they didn’t shoot me in the foot.

But this is different because when Biden does stupid it impacts 340 million Americans and now his stupid green energy decisions are impacting all 8 billion people on the planet. His green energy policies within the last year have increased poverty around the world faster than at any time in the history of the world. And that poverty rate is going to increase because the cost of everything is heavily impacted by the delicate balance of our energy policies. Inflation in the US means inflation for the world, higher interests’ rates in the US impacts interests’ rates around the world. And all these benefited the super elites and increase the number of people who fall into object poverty. What is worst the green elites because they can figure out how to lower the cost of green then create policies that increase the cost of oil. It’s a dangerous and deadly game.

Global poverty creates a series of unintended consequences because those blinded by green like John Kerry look at the death rates in Ukraine as nothing compared the fear, he has been peddling for 20 years about the climate. The truly bad actors on the world stage prey on the weak, and they use poverty to create wars via social justice, that is neither social nor just. Power plays are then made by the elites to control the lives of billions using fear. If you truly look at the news you will understand that imagined fear is the tool to control billions.

As a result of Joe Biden, we now have a war in Ukraine, gas prices that are at record levels that are controlled by the oil cartel known as OPEC. You will quickly see gas at ten dollars a gallon, as oil starts to rise to $200 per barrel. You will see inflation will quickly turn to hyperinflation as our energy prices continue to soar. You will see money supplies tighten and interests’ rates go up rapidly. We will print more money as our dept to GDP hits 200%. This will result in the stock market taking a dive not in the form of a recession but a depression. And our national stability will be a thing of the past. This is ugly, very ugly, and sad because it is all man-made misery. There is no balance in thinking, in reasoning and this is all caused by the elite green Gods and their green company profits at the expense of everyone.

America is at a crossroad right now with Joe Biden and his ilk. These liberal elites have failed America completely and to think otherwise would be seriously stupid. We handed our security to nations who do not have our interests. In fact, countries like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and countless others are all working in sync to weaken us on a massive scale. If we are not careful in the blink of an eye with our national debt, we can easily become a slave state to many enemy states.

Now, do you want to know what would really be stupid? To go along with this nonsense and foolishness. To say nothing, or to pretend that if you vote for another socialist liberal this will somehow self-correct. It will not. Joe Biden was a mistake and the biggest one in the history of our country. Everyone knew he was a problem. Democrats who worked within the Obama administration claimed he was on the wrong side of every national security issue that the Obama administration was involved in, including the decision to kill Bin Laden, something that Biden was not for. Even worse as Biden’s dementia increased the DNC nevertheless arranged (fixed) his pathway to be the Democratic nominee. So, we elected via millions of mail-in ballots using covid as an excuse a man who was wrong on every key issue when he was mentally healthy and placed that man in the office of the President of the United States with full blown dementia, that if you can’t see it Putin sure can.

Honestly, who couldn’t see this train wreck coming? Everyone saw it but the democrats thought they could control it. Well, they couldn’t hide his dementia and they can’t hide from his and their failed policies. They are so focused on power for the sake of power they can’t feel the damage they have unleashed here and around the world. The have gone out their way to protect the socialist liberal elite billionaires and have been rewarded for doing so. Heck even Facebook’s CEO paid nearly half a billion dollars for the outcome of the 2020 elections and has received a massive amount of air coverage from the left to protect them via censorship. The left will serve up another word salad of nonsense and excuses. Liberalism is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it is real or not, then diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying all the wrong remedies, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Then blow everything up and figure who to blame for it.

This is what is at risk if we do nothing, say nothing and act like this is normal behavior of the free world. Millions of Americans who are on the edge of the poverty line are about to fall over it. Millions of other Americans will lose what they perceive is their wealth. Inflation will eat up all the gains of the last five decades. Unemployment will rise quickly; stock markets will simply crash under the weight of it all, and every company will see profits decline as small, medium, and global companies start to falter and then fail as record rates. And then we will see the elites suggest what we need to fix what they broke is a great reset. This is code for more power to the few and government controlled everything.

In the meantime, we are dancing with Iran who wants a nuke with the same team of liberal elites that danced with North Korea and who because of that team ended up with a nuke. You know the North Korean that just test their newest ICBM systems to reach the US. For sure Iran will end up with a nuke and will threaten forever the world with the use of it if we don’t comply to their will on everything and everything you can think of. And where do they get the money for that? Oil… Do you think they care about green? Do you think that Russia cares about green? They love green if we do it because we can’t afford green the world can’t afford it yet, why? Because technically it’s not ready for prime time for 8 billion people. Will it be? Yep, in about 30 or 40 years.

Elon Musk the leader of green technology said it last week, pump more oil now… Why? Because he knows the timing of green has not arrived and if you pull or force the issue to fast everyone is at risk. So, what is the solution for right now? What will drive inflation down, interest rates down, protect the stock market and get to green faster and safer without blowing the whole economy up in a flash? It’s simple. The US needs to right now triple production of natural gas, oil, and oil refineries. We need to go from 12 million barrels of oil today to 36 million barrels of oil a day. We need to refine 100% of it here in the US. We need more pipelines not less because pipelines are 50 times greener than tanker trucks and ships. We would have all the energy we need, and we would drive OPEC fix pricing down to $25 per barrel. The cost of food, clothing and services would drop, wage would go up, corporate profits would be stable, and more investment would be made in the green sectors to help them grow into prime time. This would also be enough energy to Europe and would not allow Russia to blackmail Europe. It is just that simple.

So why are our elected elites not doing this? Simple they are part of a global play of socialist who have a vision for the world that has failed everywhere in the world. The believe that the reason it didn’t work is because the whole world didn’t make the move towards socialism at the same time. If they get their way, we will enter back into the dark ages of corrupt elites who ruled by fear and ruled over the many with rules that never applied to them. We see that today within our own government elites.

These elites are very clever because they will claim the oil companies have plenty of placed to drill. And that it is the oil company’s fault. Here is why that is the biggest lie being told right now. Yes, it is true they have plenty of places to drill but why aren’t they? Simple because in a middle of a multimillion dollar bet on the Key Stone pipeline Biden shut it down and wiped out in a second their investment. Plus, billions of other investments that got wiped out within the Biden mandates. So, they don’t trust an administration that says oil is the enemy of the planet and we are going to wipe it out. What sane businessperson would make billions in bets with a government that hates them and is willing to wipe them out with any bet they make? None!

So, the crazy green elites force companies like Shell to drill in Russia under Russian rules. Which are not green as the US rules for drilling! As a result, Russian drilling is seven times dirtier than US drilling even though it is a US company in Russia. This is not about green thinking this is about socialist thinking use green to hide their intentions. And it’s obvious because if they really cared about a green world, they would rather do the drilling here in the US than there in Russia. And we wouldn’t have John Kerry saying stupid things about the war in Ukraine is nothing compared to his climate claims that frankly are as fake as him. Green is about power, control and money… Not the need for security and stable economies today. They must get you to believe they world will end in seven years to pull of this stunt… They must get you to believe to hand them a $100 trillion to fix it. People who have broken everything they touch claim they can fix the climate. If you believe that then you believe that John Kerry is a living GOD, he is not and those that work with him are not. They are snake oil sales slut’s who use fear to take away your freedoms.

Why was Trump hated so? Really was it his tweets? Well, the left elites made it about his tweets to move the sheep to hate for reasons that they themselves could never express when you would drive them to a policy discussion. They would always shift to issues that didn’t impact their lives but did trigger their emotions. Why the elites wanted millions to hate him is because America first destroys the power structure goals of the globalist elites. They hated him and feared him because he was a monkey wrench in the middle of their global play. He was a danger to them while they are a danger to America. We can see their fingerprints everywhere. Anything that teaches or proclaims reasons to hate America is a sign that is them. The cause these elites seem to support they could care less about, what they care about is the power they can have by the lie that somehow their hate will bring peace. It will not. It never has and it never will.

So, do you want to save the country? If you do, then speak up and start by understanding that we must be energy independent right now. We need to pump 36 million barrels of oil a day if we want to control our future. Energy is the key to our freedom and the lack of it is the lynch pin to our slavery. It is a simple at that.

Just saying the obvious again.

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