Al’s Article

By Al D’Angelo
When do the American people come to their senses? We are burdened with the bail reform that most people are against. We have elected officials that voted for defunding the police, most people are opposed to that. Gas and oil prices have skyrocketed, and our government will not tap our massive oil supplies because they are pushing the green new deal. The President promised he would get rid of fossil fuel. On the campaign trail he said to a young lady “look into my eyes I guarantee you; I guarantee you, were going to get rid of fossil fuel”. Why is he now blaming Putin? The fact that we produce oil much cleaner than the people we are now buying it from doesn’t seem to matter. I thought climate change affected the world. By producing cleaner energy here until an alternate energy means can be found would be helpful to the environment, wouldn’t it? The higher prices of oil and gas has a devastating effect on the low- and middle-class families in this country. It effects their travel plans, the cost of heating their homes and the prices in the supermarket. It’s time for the American people to say enough and say it with your vote. Only then will elected officials pay attention to the will of the people. Politicians cater to the people that vote for them. We must transcend Party politics and vote for people who express our views. How many people really think it’s ok for a male to compete against women? But we voted for people who pushed that agenda. How many people really feel it’s ok for boys to be in girl’s locker rooms? How many people agree with the policies of Alvin Bass, the Manhattan District Attorney? When only 20% of eligible votes cast their ballots, this is the results. People with radical agendas vote, and politicians cater to the people who vote. I am convinced if the remaining 80% voted, our country would be better off. Primary elections are June 28th General elections November 8. You can register to vote online if you are not registered – it takes about 5 minutes. Early primary voting begins June 18th until June 26th. The Morris Park Community Association has been designated as a early voting site for your convenience. Please help move this country so people become more important than any political party.
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