49th Precinct Council Holds ‘In Person’ Meeting

49th Precinct Council Holds ‘In Person’ Meeting

By Robert Press

Tuesday night at the Morris Park Community Association building the 49th Precinct Council returned to an ‘In Person’ meeting. President Joe Thompson welcomed everyone to the meeting asking for a moment of silence to remember former 49th Precinct Council officer and Morris Park Community Association leader Silvio Mazzella, who he said the May 49th Precinct Council Breakfast would honor.

Commanding Officer of the 49th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Natiw then went over the crime statistics for the precinct. He said in the past twenty-eight overall crime was up almost seventy percent stating that grand larcenies were up 237%, while stolen cars were up 80%. Group shoplifting where several people fill bags with merchandise, ID Theft, and Immigration scams lead the crimes. Fifteen Honda s and five Ford Econoline vans led the way in stolen cars out of the Twenty-seven stolen. DI Natiw spoke of the new Neighborhood Safety Teams consisting of one sergeant and five officers who will free up other officers who can go after more Quality of Life crimes. 

Police officer Nicholas Palumbo received the cop of the month award also receiving a citation from Councilman Kevin Riley, and Mr. Robert De Silvio received the Civilian of the month award. Community reports to the Deputy Inspector were given, and the Bronx Muslim Center informed the DI of the coming of Ramadan and Istar for the Muslim community. Also mentioned were recent break ins to businesses on Morris Park Avenue, where the DI said that he will be able to reposition his officers with the added officers to the precinct. 


49th Precinct Council President Joe Thompson calls the meeting to order.


Deputy Inspector Natiw gives the past month crime data for the 40th Precinct where he said overall reported crime was up almost 70%.

Deputy Inspector Natiw, Cop of the Month Palumbo, 49th Precinct Council President Joe Thompson, 49th Precinct Council Vice-President Hazel Mura, and Councilman Kevin Riley’s representative .

Front row, 49th Precinct Council President Joe Thompson, Citizen of the month Robert De Silvio, his wife Diusa. back row Deputy Inspector Natiw, Morris Park Community Association Vice-President Yahay Obeid, Mr. De Silvio’s daughter Michele, and MPCA board member Lefty Negron.

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